Hernando Cortes

Sammie Scott

Background on Explorer

Hernando Cortes was born in Medelin, Spain in 1485 CE, and died in 1547 CE. His parents were members of the lower nobility.

Motivation for exploration (Gold and Glory)

Hernando's goal for his exploration was to explore and conquer the Aztec Empire. In other words, his desire for glory was his motivation for exploration. Although, he was also in search of gold. It was suggested to Hernando to try farming, but he stated that he was only there to find gold.

Some details of his life that might of influenced him to explore were that..
*his mother's family played major roles in the conquest of Peru in the New World
*He was a trouble maker and needed to be adventurous
*His father wanted him to make something of himself.

Spain funded the voyage.
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Hernando accomplished his goal of exploring and overthrowing the Aztec Empire. In addition, he also conquered Mexico.

Cortes took the leader of the Aztecs hostage, and overthrew the empire. The region becomes New Spain. At the same time, Western diseases such as small pox caused many deaths.
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