Room 17 Newsletter

Read to see whats's happening in Ms. Guerra's Class

I hope everyone had a great winter break and a very Happy New Year. It seems as if this school year is going by so fast! With the start of a new year, we also have many things happening in the classroom. Please read below to see the new units we are starting, as well important dates and information for this month.

This week we will begin the winter NWEA Assessments as we did earlier in the school year. The tests given will be on 3 separate days, covering math and Enlish language arts. The dates our class will be taking these tests are included below.

What's happening in the classroom...

Math: We are continuing with multiplication and also incorporating division, while learning about the relation between the two. A multiplication test will be given this week over facts that we have already learned (0-5, and 10). Our next unit will focus on facts 6-9. We have been learning about several strategies to apply when solving for multiplication problems. It is important that your child learn these facts by recognition as they have with their addition and subtraction facts. Listed below are some helpful sites that we use in the classroom during math centers to practice multiplication. We will begin multiplication math facts next week as well.

Writing: Before break we finished writing a comparison/contrast piece. Students compared two different books from their Author Study Unit. Our new unit, is Opininion. We will be discussing topics that we would like to take a stand on, taking a position on these topics, and expressing these opinions through writing using a specific format. This is a fun unit and students have already had their first opinion flash draft on whether or not they think that State Road Students should have cell phones. It was very interesting to hear their opinions as we had and in class debate!

Reading: Before break students finished an Author study unit. Each group read books by one author and focused on the author's style, similarities and differences in the books, themes, they also did some research on the author's and found many interesting facts that they shared with the class.

Our next reading unit, is Mysteries. Students were placed in groups last week and were given a mystery series where they will need to read 2 books from this series. They met with their reading groups, and with the help of myself and a couple of parents, they planned their own reading goals as to when they would have their first book complete. Students will be meeting each day, and discussing the books. If they do not get their assigned reading done in class, it will need to go home for homework. Group members will be evaluating themselves and their group members on preparation, discussion, and focus during their meetings. If books are taken home, they need to be returned the following school day. This is a fun unit, and we will be learning about mystery vocabulary words, and also looking at the similarities that series books have.

Science: Earth science is our new science unit. Students will be learning about how rocks and minerals are formed and also how our earth changes dues to weathering and erosion. We will be using our science textbooks, video clips, and classroom experiments to learn about these topics.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, January 12, NWEA Testing (morning)

Wednesday, January 13, NWEA Testing (afternoon)

Thursday, January 14, Writing Assembly

Friday, January 15, Popcorn Day, Scolastic Book orders due

Monday, January 18, No School

Thursday, January 21, NWEA Testing (afternoon), In-house field trip money due ($3)

Thursday, January 28, 1/2 day

Friday, January 29, 1/2 day (end of 1st semester)

Friday, February 5, Native American Presenter (in-school)