Ella's Autobiography

All about me

A little about myself

Hello! My name is Ella I am 9 years old I love to play with my Dad. I like to do art and do cheer. I go to school at jkb lets get started!

My family

I have a sister named Morgan and my parents we have aunt Tammy and uncle Chris our cousins Aiden and Kinsey and then aunt Megan and uncle Randy and our other cousin Layton(He´s a baby)I love my family!

My Hobbies

My favorite thing to do is soccer and cheer I also like to do arts and crafts. I like to take pictures and edit them to make them different.I like to go on trips and listen to music.

Important Goals

When I grow up I want to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader with Lauren. I want to pass the star test.

My friends

I have a lot of friends from many places like Eva ,Lauren ,Addison,and Keira from Anna and then from my old school Whitesboro Zoe,Claire,Allison and Rylie. fianally from church like Allie,Cherish,and also Payton.

My favorite memories

I went to Disney land once we had a lot of fun our hotel had special buses that went straight to Disneyland i had a lot of fun. also I went to visit my Grandma in Arkansas she has 4 cats Moonlight ,Drak ,Tess ,and Buddy we have a lot of fun together a play time pizza.

My favorite books!!

My favorite books are Harry potter by Jk Rowling,another is my bible I got from my church I also like my class books from my old school.

My favorite sports

I like to play soccer, cheer, volleyball, gymnastics.At soccer I am on the Goalbusters team my soccer season is over already.i go to university of gymnastics to cheer and do gymnastics i go on Thursdays.I like to play volleyball on the weekends and somtimes on Wensdays.

good bye!

Well I hope you like my autobiography I had a lot of fun making it to.well goodbye for now!!