Family Friday Focus Aug. 28, 2020

Rick Marcotte Central School Principal Kathleen Kilbourne

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Principal Kilbourne and a fifth grade student show their school spirit by sporting fun moose hats

Transportation:Arrival and Dismissal at RMCS

To support social distancing, we are going to have a staggered arrival and dismissal this year.


Students riding the bus in the morning will be dropped off at the school, be greeted by our health screeners and walk to the front door of the school. Bus drop offs will be 7:50 to 8:10 AM.

8:10- 8:20 AM - Drop off for Pre-K, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Grade students, along with their older siblings.

8:20-8:30 AM - Drop off for K, 2nd, and 4th Grade students, along with their older siblings.

Drop off will be at the larger parking lot on the curb. Since we know the greatest risk on contracting Covid is adult to adult, parents/caregivers must stay in their cars and will not be allowed in the building. Health screenings will be completed from your car. If possible, please have your child in the seat closest to the building. We ask that drivers not leave until the child(ren) have passed the health screening.We will be screening six cars at a time. Please be patient.


2:20 PM - Students riding the bus in the afternoon will be dismissed through the front doors.

2:30-2:40 PM - Dismissal for Pre-K, 1st, 3rd and 5th Grade students, along with their older siblings.

2:40-2:50 PM - Dismissal for K, 2nd, and 4th Grade students, along with their older siblings.

Please be sure your child knows the vehicle of the person coming to get them, and please don't come earlier or later than your pick up time.

2:45 PM - Dismissal to School's Out

SB Elementary Students Classroom Placements

We look forward to welcoming your child back to school into their current grade level team! This year, we will be working in teams to ensure that your child has the benefit of relationships and familiarity with both their homeroom teacher and the other teachers on that grade level team. As you know we are beginning in a hybrid model, so there will be only half of the class present at a time in each homeroom with one lead teacher. Students are not mixing beyond that smaller group /pod of students at this time, while the grade level teachers will be introduced to one another’s small groups to provide flexibility if needed as we progress through the school year.

School teams have drafted homeroom placements that we will start the year off with the week of Sept 8th. Teachers and staff have worked hard to create balanced classes that allow for equitable services that best meets the needs of all children within our public school system.

We will use the first few weeks of school to observe, assess academic strengths and needs, and notice what is working well for our students. The administration reserves the right to make a homeroom placement adjustment based on available services, a child’s academic need, or the resources available in the schedule. On October 2nd we will finalize the class lists for the school year based upon the data we have collected at school in the first few weeks.The rationale behind this homeroom model for the first few weeks includes:

1. Using the current data to make decisions (after observation and assessments)

2. Creating balanced and equitable classroom communities

3. Cross training grade level teams of teachers, should one teacher be out to still have familiar relationships

4. Using the human resources we have safely for all involved.

We recognize that our students have not been in school for several months and will need social emotional support and intentional social learning opportunities to reconnect. There will be an emphasis on relationship building, resiliency, and relearning our PBIS systems at all grade levels as we reconnect in person to start this school year.

This team approach of two, three or four adults serving a grade level of students will be beneficial should one of our staff members not be able to be at school in the coming months. The rest of the grade level adult team will be familiar with your child, and be able to support, even with a substitute teacher in place.

These are times that require us to place safety and health as our top priority for all staff, students, and families. It means that we must be proactive in our planning, while being flexible and fluid in our implementation. We will continue to provide weekly updates on Fridays, as information is clarified and updated.

We look forward to partnering with you this school year, for a safe, healthy, and productive learning year! RMCS Homeroom Placement letters are being mailed home on Monday Aug 31, 2020. Check you mail box soon!


The Elementary Admin Team:

Mark Trifilio, Holly Rouelle, & Kathleen Kilbourne


Transportation: Does you child need a bus pick up?

In late July, we sent families the 2020-2021 school reopening and transportation survey via their Powerschool Parent Portal. This Monday, we sent a follow up specific to transportation to those who had not yet responded. In order to properly plan bus routes for the upcoming school year and to ensure an accurate schedule can be developed for release to families at the end of by close of business Monday, August 31, we need to know how your child(ren) will be arriving at school. Please note, due to health and safety guidelines that require physical distancing on our buses and the subsequent pressure that puts on capacity, we are asking that if you can drive or walk your child(ren) to school, that you please do so. If you did not respond to the survey and you are in need of transportation, please contact Gary Marckres at or Kathy LaRock at

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL SCHEDULE: Including Kindergarten Orientation

As we welcome students back to our safe and caring learning community, we want to ensure that transitions to new schools go smoothly. Accordingly, we will have orientation for Kindergarteners at RMCS on September 8th & 9th, with a 12:00 bus dismissal:

  • Kindergarteners in the Blue Pack (last name A-K) will attend orientation in person at school on September 8th. Parent drop off is 8:10-8:25 and parent pick up will be at 12:10 PM.

  • Kindergarteners in the Gray Pack (last name L-Z) will attend orientation in person at school on September 9th. Parent drop off is 8:10-8:25 and parent pick up will be at 12:10 PM.

  • Parents/Caregivers will not be allowed in the building, as we know the greatest risk of virus transmission is adult to adult. See the information above regarding the arrival and dismissal process.

All students in the Blue Pack (last name A-K) will start the Hybrid Learning schedule by coming to school in person on Thursday the 10th. The Gray group will be home on the 10th. All students in the Gray Pack (last name L-Z) group will come to school in person on Friday, September 11th. The Blue group will be home on the 11th.

The 2 days in person, 3 days at home hybrid schedule will have a full week beginning September 14th. Please refer to the updated SBSD Academic Calendar for the color coded days your child comes to school. We look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back into our vibrant and caring learning community.

Video Presentation with our School Nurses and Medical Experts to answer families questions

Please click the link below to learn safety and health related updates from our school nurses and local medical experts.

We appreciate the partnership with local professionals in the medical field!

Nutrition Information with Breakfast and Lunch Updates

Nutritional Services in cooperation with transportation and security will continue to serve meals through August 30th under the nationwide area eligibility waiver from the USDA. Special accommodations will be made for any families that request additional support until school begins on September 8th. Please contact Rhonda Ketner, or 802-652-7160 for questions/assistance.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has extended its waivers on meal pattern flexibility, congregate meals, meal times, and parent and guardian meal pickup through June 30, 2021. This will allow us to continue to operate smoothly in the event of another school closure as well as serve meals in nontraditional areas, such as the classroom.

Based on guidance from the USDA and VT AOE and in an effort to limit touch points, the following changes in meal service will occur:

  • Meals will be unitized and packaged in recyclable, covered, meal trays or containers. This will allow for easy service in or outside of the cafeteria.
  • The same meal components will be served to every student, unless there is a documented allergy, those meals will be modified to meet the needs of the individual. Chocolate milk will not be offered under this model. There will only be one meal option.
  • Meals will be available via bus delivery to all students on the days they are engaged in remote learning. These meals will need to be ordered in advance, via an online ordering survey that will be sent to parents on a weekly basis.
  • There will be two menus for each school, an onsite and a remote menu. At the beginning of the year all meals being delivered by bus to remote learners will be cold lunches. As the year progresses and we get used to the new “normal” we will expand those offerings.
  • Breakfast will be served in the classroom, there will be at least 2 options daily.
  • Silverware will be prepackaged with napkins.
  • Condiments will be served in individualized portions.
  • The Point of sales system will be touchless.
  • Salad bars and self-service stations will be closed.
  • Cashiers will not be handling cash during meal service. No payments will be processed at the registers.
  • After careful consideration it was decided that we need to adjust the meal prices to help cover the costs of unitizing meals and packaging. The prices for elementary schools are: Breakfast $2.50 and Lunch $3.50.

Hybrid Schedule at the Elementary Level in SB


South Burlington School District is excited to begin Annual Student Updates and Registration for the 2020-2021 school year.

These online forms can be found within your PowerSchool Parent Portal and takes the place of the thick packet of papers that have previously been mailed home to families from the schools each summer.

Please take the time to complete these forms that:

  • Register your student for the 2020-2021 School Year
  • Verify and update emergency contact information
  • Communicate important health information
  • Sign student laptop/device agreements

To begin, please click this link to login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal: Once logged in, click “Forms” from the left navigation bar and choose “Update A. Getting Started: Returning Students.” The forms should take 5-15 minutes to complete, per student.

Trouble Logging in?

Please click “Forgot Username or Password?”

  • Reminder: Please check your Junk box if a reset email is not received.

If you do not have a PowerSchool Portal Account or require more support, please email

Individual schools can be contacted at:

PreKindergarten/Act 166:

Gertrude E. Chamberlin School:

Orchard School:

Rick Marcotte Central School:

Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School:

South Burlington High School:

Thank you for your time. Completion of these forms will help ensure that we have the most current and accurate information for your students, allowing us to improve communications and better serve our families.


Donated Homemade Masks, Made with Loving Kindness!

Masks and Facial Coverings

A gentle reminder that this year, all staff and students will be required to wear facial coverings while in school buildings as well as outside where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Cloth facial coverings or masks will be provided to any student who needs one. Students and staff can provide their own cloth facial coverings or masks as long as it covers their nose, mouth, and chin. The Vermont Department of Health has a facial covering/mask ​resource guide which provides links to where facial coverings/masks can be acquired locally and directions on how to make your own. In addition, Orchard School staff Aili Beeli, Nicole Bauman, and Abby Hill created this video on how to wear a mask. The video was designed with students in mind, but adults are sure to get some good tips as well!

Please be advised we are not permitting Buffs, Gators, or Bandannas: Masks are the approved facial covering.

Grade Level Teams: Meet Our Classroom Teachers!

Welcome back to our Grade Level Teams:

Pre K- Ms. Jordan LaBonte, Ms. Alex Dezenzo, Ms. Olivia Shaw

Kindergarten – Mrs. Kelliher, Mrs. Kulhowvick, Mrs. Miller, TBD

1st Grade - Mrs. Carpenter/Mrs. Mahl, Mrs. Pecor, Mrs. Scott, Ms. Ross

2nd Grade – Mrs. Belisle, Mrs. Hockenbury, Mrs. Ransom

3rd Grade - Mrs. Bailey, Ms. Liguori, TBD

4th Grade – Ms. Appleby, Mrs. Eddy, Mr. Knepp

5th Grade – Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Kavanagh, Mrs. Vincent