Welcome to the NFHS Library

Info for the 2013-2014 School Year

In the canopy of the Forest!

  • Check out the latest and greatest new titles for your reading pleasure.
  • We provide high interest fiction and non-fiction reading materials in print and online.
  • Enjoy access to approximately 30,000 books and 1000+ eBooks.
  • We offer college and career resources with online courses and practice tests for AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP, GED and more.
  • We support the curriculum with extra selections available for students to extend their learning.
  • Students learn research techniques and skills, how to use databases, evaluation of websites, and citation requirements.
  • We collaborate with teachers to infuse technology and research skills into their lessons and student projects.
  • Join a book club for students, the NFHS Pageturners, or faculty and staff, Snack & Yak.
  • Follow our NFHS High School Library Pinterest account.

New Follett Shelf eBooks!

Read from your phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere! We now have Follett Shelf eBooks available for you. To use, download Follett Enlight from The iTunes App Store or Google Play.

USERNAME: s + ID number

PASSWORD: same as library password

NFHS URL code: wbb07970