Islam is a monotheistic religion whose followers are called Muslims. Muslims worship their God Allah in a mosque. Their worship leader is called an Imam. The Imam leads the prayers. A Mullah teaches the Islam holy book called the Qur'an. Some common holy sites for Islam is the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Some key beliefs are prayer, Friday prayer at mosque, declaration of faith, and following the Five Pillars.

Some traditions in the Islamic religion are not eating pork and the Five Pillars. Muslims don't eat pork because in the Qur'an it says it's unclean. Some Islamic holidays include Ramadan and Eid al fitr. Ramadan celebrates Allah giving Muhammad a message. Eid al fitr is the celebration of the ending of Ramadan.
Islamic Call to Prayer - [Islam Calls You]

Common to all 3 religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Abraham is a common figure in all 3 religions.

All 3 religions view God as the Creator and the source of moral law