The Death of Marilyn Monroe

By: Kyra Nylin

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The Event

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home on August 5, 1962 by her psychiatrist. She was 36 years old. The medical cause of death was barbiturate overdose. Her death has been the source of much controversy. Some believe she was murdered, some think suicide, and still others believe the overdose was accidental.
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Some of the tabloids that reported on Monroe's death, including one called the New York Daily Mirror, begin the report with the fact that she was found nude, a feminist critical view. The cause of death- the pills- are added after.


When the newspapers caught wind of Monroe's death, they were quick to find out the facts. Many of them, including the two articles listed above, made sure to give out the details of the death in a subjective and unbiased manner. They did make guesses as to whether or not Marilyn Monroe committed suicide.

My Thoughts

It is my personal belief that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide. With her gloomy family history, accounts of her being depressed and hard to work with near the end of her life, and the facts of the death, like the pill bottles by the bed, the signs all point to her ending her own life.
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