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Learn to burn calories safely and easily (Kindall Brijalba)

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Only a two minute stepping work out to help get you in the best shape of your life.



Like everything else, moderation is key. Small energy drinks (8-12 ounces w/ 72-150 mg of caffeine) aren't the problem but when consumed in large quantities it can affect you dramatically. Up to 240 mg of caffeine can alter your brain, blood stream and your skin. In your brain the caffeine blocks adenosine (helps sleep), increases dopamine levels to give false levels of energy. In your blood stream, you begin to pump more glucose. and lastly, your skin sweats more water & electrolytes than normal, which can lead to dehydration. Your body over-all becomes a hyped up mess, irritable, anxious and jittery.


Our youth is going through multiple changes in their body and psyche. This leads to over shadowing of their thought process and moderation control, leading to drug-abuse, teen pregnancy, and permanent alterations of their body. Adding overdoses of caffeine is only worsening the problem. But, it is not all the child's fault. What about the parents? They are the guider, the protector. If they don't teach their spawns about the health risk, facts and moderation it would end disastrous.

Yes, i believe caffeine is beneficial, but only the right amount proportional to a person's size. We are all born with differences, and we can all handle different doses. But it is at the limit that we need to understand our maximum, and not ruin a gift that we were given to protect.

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