Bianaca Minola

Baptista's Daughter and Katherina's younger sister

Bianaca is unkind and a disobedient wife. She fosters her father's attitude of favoritism for herself and dislike Katherine by playing the part of a noble victim. Her husband's name is Lucentio. The disregard for Lucentio's wishes leads to grim speculation of the behavior of Bianaca if they would have been married longer. She is more of a shrew than her sister. Bianca is passive-aggressive towards her sister. Female friendships don't exist in the play. She is seen as the 16th century woman by man. Bianca seems to be chaste, obedient, and silent. The obstacle preventing her from marriage to the highest bidder is her sister Katherine. Katherine must be married before Bianaca married. Misleading Bianca is actually disobedient, deceptive, and talks dirty around guys. She leads her dad to believe that she is more interested in studies than boys. Private tutoring sessions turn out to be opportunities to flirt with her admirers. Bianca and Lucentio run off without the consent of her parent's permission.
taming of the shrew- act 1 scene 1