Alexander the Great

by David Opel

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a great military leader of ancient Greece. the small land which his father owned, which was divided into thirds at his father's death, leaving him little land remaining from the beginning, was only a fraction of his future great empire.
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born on July 20, 356 B.C., he was surprisingly spoiled for his future fame. He was considered the firstborn man, despite Philip the second having married twice before his mother, Queen Olympia, as was fine back then. He hardly ever saw his father as he was growing up.


Being tutored when he was 8, his tutor, Leonidas, a relative of his mother, Olympia, had trouble controlling the spoiled boy long enough to tutor him. Leonidas was super strict, but still taught Alexander the (future)Great archery, math, and horsemanship. Aristotle, another tutor of Alexander the (once again, future) Great, taught him Philosophy, poetry, government, politics, and science.

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leaving a positive effect on history, Alexander the Great overcame obstacles and took tactical risks, casting a fearful shadow on all those around him. his entire life was changed when he was thrust onto the throne at an early age. spreading the empire of Greece across Europe, he was a brilliant commander, who knew when to take risks. I chose him because I am intrested in Greece, Greek mythology, Rome, and Roman mythology.