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poetic terms definition

personification-the attribution of a human characteristics to a non human thing

simile-a figure of speech that compares two different things by using the words like or as

metaphor-a figure of speech in which a expression not using the words like or as

hyperbole-a figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect

theme-the central topic, subject, or concept the author is trying to point out the authors message + the main idea

Literary non fiction and non fiction

What do you know about literary non fiction)?

I know that literary non fiction is real life story.

(How Is literary non fiction different from non fiction)

Literary non fiction is a real story and non fiction is not true.


biography-a story about somebody's life written by another person

auto biography-a story about somebody written by that person

memoir-a single story with a part of there life in it

personal narrative-a bit of a small story or memory

diary-a book in which somebody keeps a daily record of events and experiences

plot events & point of view and tools of reading

Point of view in Fiction- the way somebody telling a story shows there emotions

Plot Events in Fiction-they are story maps made up they are pieces of the story

Inference-Conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning

You Infer by - creating generalizations from observations

Three Types of Connections-text-to-self & text-to-text & text-to-world

The Main Idea is different from a summary because the main idea is the seed of the whole story, it is what the story is based on and a summary is a statement or main points of something

Theme in fiction-its what the author THINKS about the main idea

grammar and definitions

I know that grammar is a structure of language

superlative adjective-expresses the extreme or highest degree of something

comparative adjective-a word that compares two or more things

irregular verb-a verb that stands outside the standard pattern

prepositional phrase-nodify nouns and verbs while indicating various relationships between subjects and verbs

simple sentence-a sentence that has one subject part and one predicted part

compound sentence-a sentence that contains two or more simple sentences

subject verb agreement-when a subject and a verb agree in number and they both have to be plural or singular

<how is a story told in drama>

I think it is told in a play