Wanted For

Einsteinium is a manufactured element and only a few grams of it are made a year. It is also radioactive, it is one of the few remaining sources of radioactive materials.


Atomic number: 99

Symbol: ES

Einstiens element

What to look out for

Since Einstienum has no known color or shape it will be tricky to find. We do knowledge that when exposed with Quartz it will glow floresant blue. Also it is a solid at room tempature.

Last seen

Einstienum was last seen in Berkeley ,California in 1952. It was discovered by a team of scientists digging through the wreckage of one of the first hydrogen bomb explosisions. It was left where the hydrogen and the other bomb parts collided.

Partners in crime

It reacts with Quartz and uranium 265 to create a big sepulcher of energy.