Computer Hardware

By Sam Shapley

Hard Drive/ SSD

Hard Drive

A hard drive is also known as the hard disk and is a very important part of a computer. The hard drive is where all the information held on the computer is stored. If the hard drive is damaged you will lose everything on your computer. The hard drive is a box which contains a disk with an arm. When you delete something of your computer, it is never actually gone. It is just the link to the file has been deleted.


A solid state drive is a very advanced version of a regular hard drive. The SSD does not have any moving parts. It is a very small memory chip. An SSD has many advantages over a hard drive such as it does not create any heat and canhold a lot more. As it is smaller it can go in many small applainces.

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Optical Drive

An optical drive disk (ODD) is a disk drive which uses lasers or electromagnetic waves to read information from an optical disk. Some optical drives can only read information from discs but more recent ones can also record and wipe date off and onto the disks. Optical Drives are the scientific names but they are known more commonly as 'DVDs, 'CDs and Bluray discs. Optical discs are used to back up relatively small volumes of data, but backing up of entire hard drives, as of 2011 typically containing many hundreds of gigabytes, is less practical than with the smaller capacities available previously. Large backups are often made on external hard drives.
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A computer moniter or display is the electronic screen. The display device in mordern computers usually consists of a thin film transistor liquid crystal display ( TFT-LCD). Older moniters use a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) whic is as deep as it is wide. Originally, computer monitors were used for data and televisions were used for entertainment while modern TVs have now become like computers and are able to connect to the internet using things like 3g and wi fi.
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