Scary Red Scare!


When it comes down to it the Red Scare all started with one large event, The Russian Revolution. When the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsarist government, Communism began to take hold over Europe. After World War 2, and the occupation of Berlin, the rapid spread of Communism crashed over all of Russian occupied Europe.
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After the end of WW2 is around the time most believe the Cold War began. A "cold" war is a war where countries don't fight with guns, but with politics. A "hot" war is a war fought with Tanks, Guns, and all that good stuff.
Cold War in 9 Minutes

Good? or kinda good? or terrible?

Some people think the Cold War was essential, even though mostly everyone effected by the political rodeo the U.S and U.S.S.R were extremely paranoid about the other taking over, and spreading their values among their lands.

In Soviet America, Music sings you!

During the Cold War and mass hysteria, people actually started embracing the possibility of a nuclear war breaking out and killing millions. The music stars of that time started producing music about the Cold War, during the Cold War. The ultimate paradox.
CCCP- American Soviets (Original Mix) HQ

Mass Hypocrisy

During the cold war, relations were at a complete stand still, or deteriorating at the least. At this time the U.S had nuclear weapons in Turkey, in range of Moscow. In retaliation, Russia basically slapped the U.S in the face, there was a communist regime in Cuba, and so Russia took advantage of this. Russia started moving nuclear weapons to Cuba, to counter the U.S weapons in Turkey. An eye for an eye. And so the U.S had a very long debate with Russia, trying to convince them that Nuclear weapons in Cuba is unethical, wrong, and all around a cheap move. Russia demanded that the U.S pull its nuclear weapons out of Turkey and they would do the same in Cuba. It worked.
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