Privacy and Security

By: Vicki Dahlke


  • A secret word or phrase that is used to access something.
  • Use a word or phrase that is not easy for someone else to access
  • Don't tell anyone your password
  • Make a different password for everything
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  • To trick someone
  • The purpose of a scam is to steal your information
  • They do this by emailing you saying you can win free things
  • Don't open emails that look shady
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  • Don't send someone your information if you don't know them
  • Don't add people on social media if you have never met them
  • Don't wire money to people because it could be a stranger
  • If you get an email look at it thoroughly, so you can tell if it's fake
  • You will never actually win anything when those adds pop up
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User Agreement

  • Your photos may be for sale if you agree to the terms
  • You many not be able to delete the account
  • Companies can track your activities
  • Your data can be given to law enforcement, and you many never know
What exactly are you agreeing to with an end-user agreement?


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