Andrew Jackson

Killing The National Bank

Jackson has a personal vendetta for the man who was responsible for the founding of the bank, so he doesn't really care about what happens as long as the man is getting what he felt he deserves. Jackson said that he felt the bank favored the wealthier class of people, and would only benefit them and not the "ordinary people". Jackson was considered the "Common Man" and was liked by these "ordinary people". They felt they were represented better. Jackson said that it was un-constitutional (since it only benefited one class) and got rid of the bank as fast as he could.

"Trail Of Tears"

The Trail of Tears was a trail the Cherokee traveled on when they were forced out of their homes and land by Andrew Jackson and his army. They were forced to walk all the way to Oklahoma from Georgia during harsh snow and a dry drought, so many of them died. Because of their great soil and gold prospects, they were forced to leave. The Supreme Court denied Jackson power to force the Native Americans off their land because it was their land and not to mention un-constitutional.

Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed during Jackson's presidency. They were called the Tariff of 1828, or the Tariff of Abomination, and the Tariff of 1832. The southern region/states were against the tariff(s) and decided to nullify them. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to do so. States were not allowed to pick and chose which laws to follow or when to follow them. Because they were not allowed to nullify, South Carolina threatened to secede. In return, Jackson said he would force them to pay the tax and he would hang John C. Calhoun. They came together on an agreement to lower the tax price and stay in the union. They called this compromise the Compromise Tariff.
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King Andrew The First

This cartoon shows that Jackson will do something no matter what the cost, whether he was granted permission or not (had I been consulted), the Constitution is on the ground with his foot on it, showing that he doesn't care what it says, he will do what he wants anyways. There is also a document about the bank as well, with his foot on it showing he will do whatever with it. He has another document in his left hand with the words veto on it, and a crown and a cane of some sort in his right hand, showing he is a ruler. He was practically on his way to dictation, and this is what is being shown. I also see an eagle in the corner, like it has been shoved under things, showing that it has no value and means nothing to this "king".

Comment 1

Hi there, I am from the Cherokee tribe and I would just like to say how angry we are that we had to leave our homes for your benefit! We were told we could stay! So why did you make us leave? Jackson, you make me sick!

Comment 2

I am a soldier. When we receive orders, we follow through with them whether we agree with them or not. I would just like to say I was disgusted with our orders to force y'all out of your homes. I am apologizing for the majority of us, for we all felt the same way. I would definitely hate the man who forced us out, in fact, I do hate that man even though he did nothing to us.