Centerton Gamble Elementary School

2019-20 Parent and Family Engagement Plan


The Centerton Gamble Elementary School (CGES) Parent and Family Engagement Plan is a living document that will be reviewed and updated annually. The CGES plan was developed with input from stakeholders with the intention of increasing family engagement for the success of each child at Centerton Gamble.

Our intent is to foster relationships with families and community members so that they may participate in the educatinal process of students. We hope to make connections in a variety of ways, as we believe the partnership between families and staff is critical to student achievement and growth.

If you are interested in supporting our goal of building strong relationships, please contact our building principal, Mr. Randal Hunt at

Parent Facilitator and Committee Members

Mrs. Camilla Lonetree is the CGES Parent Facilitator. She can be reached at:


Committee Members: Rebecca Arnold, Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Randall Hunt, Principal; Kim Foerster, Assistant Principal; Camilla Lonetree, Parent Facilitator; Michelle Eichler; Counselor

If you are interested in joining our Parent and Community Engagement Committee, please contact Mrs. Lonetree.

Standard One: Communication

We are committed to providing reasonable access to School Staff in the following ways:

a. Communication strategies:

  • · CGES webpage with contact information for all staff members
  • · Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • · GCES monthly digital newsletter (available upon request in print version)
  • · Classroom newsletters (weekly)
  • · Email:
  • · Telephone: 479.696.3400
  • · Face to face meetings (scheduled in advance)

b. Methods of contacting school staff:

  • · Phone call to main office at 479.696.3400
  • · Note sent to school
  • · Email to teacher or other staff member

c. Scheduling appointments:

  • · Contact staff member using approved method of contact
  • · Appointments to be scheduled at a time that does not interrupt instruction

d. Response Time: Staff members will make every effort to respond to communication within 24 hours.

Standard Two: Parenting

School Counselor: Parents may call or email the school counselor to request appointments.

Parent Center: The CGES Parent Center will be established and expanded throughout the year as funds become available. The center, which is housed in the Counselors' Suite, will contain books, magazines, and other materials regarding responsible parenting. The materials will be available for check-out.

ESL Center for Parent Engagement

We want to welcome all families to CGES. In addition to a welcome letter posted on our school's website, Mr. Hunt sends a Back to School letter to parents in August.

We are committed to communicating effectively:

  • · Parent Emails
  • · Invitations to ESL sponsored events
  • · Translated documents as needed
  • · Parent letter/info when applicable

Support Student Success

  • · Phone calls throughout the year
  • · Conferences (minimum of once per semester)
  • · Curriculum designed to support individual needs of ESL students

Speaking up for Every Child

  • · Family Night representation
  • · ESL designee as advocate for ESL students

Standard 3: Student Learning

We are committed to help parents assist their children. We host a Walk in My Shoes Night each August which enables parents to learn about the teaching styles, academic expectations, and behavior expectations of the teachers and ways learning can be supported in the home.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled once per semester in the fall and spring; with the purpose of communicate the social and academic progress of each student and to provide parents the opportunity to clarify grade-level expectations in terms of skills and knowledge.

Family Engagement Opportunities


26 Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting, 6:00 PM

29 Walk in My Shoes Night, 4:30-6:00 PM


Week of 9/9 through 9/13 Grandparent's Luncheons for Grade K-4

13 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

13 PTO Family Game Night, 6:30-8:30 PM

19 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

30-Oct. 4 Book Fair


11 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

17 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

21-Nov. 1 Parent-Teacher Conferences

25 PTO Halloween Carnival

31 Fall Celebration/Party, Special Food Day ACT 1220


15 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

21 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

22 Thanksgiving Feast, Special Food Day ACT 1220


13 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

13 PTO Cookies with Santa, 6:30 PM

19 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

20 Polar Express Day, Special Food Day ACT 1220


16 PTO meeting, 7:30 AM

31 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)


10-14 Book Fair

14 Valentine’s Day Party, Special Food Day ACT 1220

20 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

28 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

28 PTO Daddy-Daughter Dance, 6:30 PM


STEM Night - Date/Time TBD

19 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

20 PTO Glow Party, 6:30 PM


6-17 Parent-Teacher Conferences

10 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

16 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

17 PTO Spring Carnival & Silent Auction, 6:30-8:30PM


7 1st Grade Tea Party, Special Food Day ACT 1220

8 Colt Stampede, 8:15-9:00 AM (Grades K-1); 9:15-10:00 AM (Grades 2-4)

13 PTO Pancakes with Pals, 7:00 AM

14 PTO meeting, 11:30 AM

15 Fun & Field Day, Special Food Day ACT 1220

Standard 4: Volunteering

Volunteer Opportunities

a. Types of opportunities:

  • · Classroom Volunteer*
  • · Field Trip Chaperone
  • · Family Night
  • · Other activities as identified by the CGES Parent Teacher Organization, CGES Parent Coordinator, and/or CGES school administration

b. Notice of opportunities:

  • · Classroom weekly newsletters
  • · CGES monthly newsletter
  • · Social media and/or school website
  • · PTO social media outlets

c. *Volunteer training:

  • · Volunteers shall attend a volunteer orientation training prior to volunteering
  • · Volunteers shall sign a confidentiality agreement and BSD Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • · Volunteers shall sign in to the office with state-issued identification

Standard 5: School Decision Making and Advocacy

a. Parent Compact: A copy of the compact is linked below in this document. Our compact was developed in collaboration with the PTO volunteer coordinator and the CGES parent coordinator. Input from stakeholders will be used to make revisions to the plan for the following school year.

b. School Improvement: The principal will publish via email a weekly informational video with the purpose of informing parents of upcoming events and changes in policy. The school will provide monthly newsletters which will provide stakeholders, including PTO, an opportunity to inform and update parents about current events. This publication will be emailed to staff, parents and community members, as well as will be available for print.

c. Parent Survey: A Bentonville Schools Parent Survey will allow for specific feedback for each school; this will be made available on the District website. Notification of the survey will be communicated to parents via social media, email, and newsletters. Surveys will be used to determine changes, additions, deletions, and improvements to family engagement activities, and to better accommodate parent schedules and interests.

Standard 6: Collaborating with the Community

We are committed to partnering witih parents and the community to ensure student success.

  • Conferences with parents as per school schedule and on an as-needed basis
  • PTO meetings
  • Bright Futures, Sharing and Carking, Snack Pack program, and mentoring opportunities

  • Involving Bentonville West High School students and faculty to pair with CGES staff to support students
  • Back to School Night (Fall Semester)
  • Family Nights hosted by PTO throughout the year
  • STEM Night (Spring Semester)

CGES 2019-20 Parent Compact