Malala Yousafzai

Advocate for Education Rights

"Radiant example that children can be intelligent and savvy advocates for their own rights."

Malala is percieved as having the inherent quality of knowing whats right and standing up for it. At the age of fifteen shoot by the Taliban, Malala learns that confidence is needed to lead people to do the right thing. Her confidence to fight for education rights forced others to notice her cause and to stand up for it beside her. They're are hundreds of characteristics that make someone a good leader, Malala is an example of how you only need one to lead. Her confidence showed people how important education rights really are. You can see that by her will to continue activism just after her recovery when she shoot, despite the death threats.

Confidence, kindness, charisma, responsibility, and so many more can make you an effective leader.

Even You Can Lead

Malala found what she felt like was worth fighting for and stood up for it, showing that you don't have to be famous, in the military, or anything special to lead people. You just need a cause and the qualities. You decide when or if you're goint to lead people.