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Feb. 11th, 2016

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Yearbook- It is not too late to order your yearbook. Click the link below to order online. Don't forget to use the following Conley School code: 10091016

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Box Tops- Keep clipping those Box Tops. Our class would love an extra PE!

Important Dates

Feb. 12th and 15th- NO SCHOOL

Feb. 26th- Young Author books due

Subject Snapshots


Story- Paul Bunyan

Comprehension Skills: Generalize and Inferring

Conventions: Irregular Verbs

Vocabulary: Suffixes

Spelling- Possessives

Writing- Summary


Unit 6: Division, Map Reference Frames, Measure of Angles

Social Studies: Earning Income

Friendship Party

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for hosting a fabulous Friendship party! The students had a blast posing in a Valentine Photo booth with all sorts of fun props! The games were also a huge hit. The girls versed the boys in a straw and q-tip shoot out. Ask them all about it! They also played a tower building game using gum drops and toothpicks. Of course, there was a fun treat station...decorate your own cookie. Yummy! Lots of Valentines were passed out and there may have been some candy eating too! Here are a few photos from the party. An Animoto video created by the students will be in the newsletter next week!


This week in literacy we practiced our possessive nouns with a wiki project. We also did a zaption about generalizing. A zaption is a video that stops at times to ask questions. We also did a padlet wall activity about irregular past tense words. A padlet wall is a link Mrs.Hassels put on the Haiku page and we go on write what we are supposed to and attach a picture.


This week in writing we wrote summaries. First, we took a children's book such as The Pout Pout Fish or SkippyJon Jones. Then, we had to fill out a graphic organizer. For example if you had snowmen at work you would fill out the the characters as snowmen. Next, we had to type our summaries in google classroom. We had to have 3 or 4 paragraphs. One for characters, setting, and the problem, one for the solution, and one for the end of our story. That is what we did in writing this week.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week we learned about money income. We learned about different occupations also such as a factory worker and Elementary School teacher. We learned about their salary and something called a wage. A wage is something like when you get paid for every hour you work. We played a game with cards where you have to guess the occupation and after we had to fill out a worksheet about the occupation ( an occupation is a job). We also had to watch a power point about income. So basically we learned about money in Social Studies.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

On Monday we did a study guide for our unit 6 test. On Tuesday we did a fun Valentines day activity with candyhearts. On Wednsday we went over our unit 6 study guide. On Thursday we did our unit 6 math test which we studied very hard for.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

On Monday we did two online math tests for are study guide because of the test on Tuesday. When it was Tuesday we did Unit 7 math test. When Wednesday came we did another trimester test and turned it in or finished are unit 7 test. Thursday we did an active ebook and then met with Mrs.Price and did a math sheet.


This week we had a lot of fun in music! We only had two days of music because on Monday,we had art,on Wednesday we had library and on Friday we had an Institute day.In music we played a game called Pinkie ball.How you play it is that you have dome music and the music has to have 4 beats every couple seconds.On beat 1,you bounce the ball,on beat 2 you catch the ball,and beat 3 and 4 you keep it in your hand.Also,you can add some twists and turns, like walk backwards,go the other direction,and lots more.Another thing we did in music is that we learned a president's song.We also made a thing there were snowman and we had to dress up our cold snowman with beats that had scarves and everything else you would wear on a now day.One more thing that we did in music is that we learned a song from New Zealand and it was cool because it was not our language.This is what we did in music this week.


In P.E.we were going to do the basketball unit, but we did hockey instead. We learned how to properly hold a hockey stick. We played a game where there was cones on the ground that was black ice and if we touched them we had to do 10 jumping jacks. We had to get to the other side of the gym while stick handling. It was pretty fun and I am excited to do it next week.


This week in Art we worked on our city projects that we had to use tints with our cities. If we finished painting we would get to use pastels to outline the buildings with so that it would look like a real city. Plus if we were done with all of that we could work on some past art works that we did not finish like our wormy drawing, pointillism fish and our packet full of fun activities for us to do. This is what we did in Art this week.

By: Delaney

Young Authors

​Young Authors is in full swing for the year. Completed books are due to your child’s school no later than Friday, February 26th. Judging by community volunteers will take place the following week. Winning students who will represent Community District 158 at the Young Authors Conference will be notified prior to spring break. Below, please find guidelines for book submission, along with some general judging criteria. Please let your grade level representative know of any additional questions you may have.

Click HERE Guidelines & Judging Criteria.

Click HERE for sample writing frameworks.

Mrs. Christy Gibbs K-2 (cgibbs@district158.org 847-659-5858)

Mrs. Laura Brummer 3-5 (lbrummer@district158.org 847-659-3543)

Mrs. Tammy Carpenter 6-8 (tcarpenter@district158.org 847-659-4440)