Cell Organelles

Plant and animal cells

Introduction to cells

Cells are the smallest living thing in the world! There are the basic unit of life. There are plant and animal cells.
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Plant cells!

Plant cells are the cells that need barriers because they don't have bones like animals.
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The brain of the cell it controls the cells. An its in both cells.
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Cell Membrane!

It lets the nutrients in and bad things out! it is in both cells
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It creates sugar for the only plant cell.
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It makes the food for the cell. For all cells
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Cell wall

It is like the bones to the plant cell
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Animal cells

It is in animals!
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It has no nucleus
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It has a nucleus
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It absorbs water protein and other sugars. It is only in the plant cell
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The person that discovered the cell was Robert Hooke, he called it "Cells" because they looked like what monks lived in.

1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells

2. The cell is the basic unit of structure and organizations in organisms

3. All cells come from Preexisting cells

BY: Nathan D. Glasser

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