Professional Development

Teacher Driven. Ongoing. Connected

Signs of Bad Professional Development

1) Presentation of Ideas - Materials are not engaging as the base level of style/design.

2) Format of Work - PowerPoint is rattled off around a topic of someone else's choosing.

3) Motivation - Participants are there for: clock hours, pay, etc.

4) Product - Participants walk away with produced handouts and notes.

5) Disconnected - PD thinking exists separately from all other Teacher Thinking.

6) Ongoing - Staff feel like a pendulum, swinging between topics; lack of depth and time.

The Cycle of Effective Professional Development

Professional Development Cycle

"We were introduced to the theory behind the instructional strategies. Then had time to plan how we were going to apply and integrate the strategies into our unit planning, with the assistance and advice of the trainers. It involved follow up observations by peers and the trainers. Multiple teachers in the building were implementing the same skills, so we could help each other develop new materials and ideas."

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...Teacher Driven. Ongoing. Connected...

Teacher Professional Development

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