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October 19, 2020

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Anna ISD Students to Return to Face-to-Face Instruction

Dear Anna ISD Families,

Anna ISD is committed to the success of all students. During the first nine weeks of the school year, we offered an online learning option, which approximately 26 percent of Anna ISD students currently use. The academic performance and attendance data indicate that the majority of our at-home learners are underperforming compared to students physically at school, making online learning unsustainable for long-term academic success.

At the October 15th board meeting, the Anna ISD Board of Trustees approved the administrative recommendation to suspend at-home learning, requiring all students to return to school on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

The District did not take this decision lightly. Data from Texas Education Agency indicates that since the beginning of face-to-face instruction this school year, a total of 0.4% of Texas students have tested positive for COVID. A total of 0.8% of Texas school employees have tested positive for COVID.

Students who are deemed "medically fragile" (see definition below) and are unable to return to face-to-face instruction must contact their child’s campus principal by Monday, October 26, 2020.

We are extremely proud of students’ and staff’s compliance wearing masks, washing hands, and socially distancing when possible. We are confident in our safety precautions, even with more students returning to campuses.

Alternative options for families that choose other means of education include withdrawing to homeschool, transferring to another school district with open enrollment, or enrolling in an online K - 12 school. Students who do not return to school by Tuesday, November 3, and who have not withdrawn from Anna ISD will be considered absent. All enrolled students are subject to Texas compulsory attendance laws.

We look forward to seeing all of our students back on campus on Tuesday, November 3. We are committed to keeping our students and staff safe, keeping them in school, and allowing them to participate in the activities they love. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support.


Superintendent Michael Comeaux

Medically Fragile Describes a Student Who:

  • has a serious ongoing illness or a chronic condition that has lasted or is anticipated to last at least 12 or more months or has required at least one month of hospitalization, and
  • that requires daily ongoing medical treatments and monitoring by appropriately trained personnel which may include parents or other family members, and
  • requires the routine use of a medical device or the use of assistive technology to compensate for the loss of usefulness of a body function needed to participate in activities of daily living; and
  • lives with ongoing threat to his or her continual well being.

Distribution Method of Report Cards & Progress Reports

Anna ISD schools will no longer be printing and distributing student progress reports and report cards. Parents have immediate, up-to-date, electronic access to these reports through Ascender Parent Portal.

Anna ISD report cards and progress reports will be published to Parent Portal on these dates.

New Attendance Notification System

In an effort to improve student attendance, beginning November 3, parents will receive an automated attendance alert in the event your child was absent.

Alerts will be sent out once a day at 6:00 PM, via text and email.

To excuse your child's absence, visit Report a Student Absence on our website.

For questions please contact your child's attendance office.