Mobile Update

December 15th, 2015

Hi Mobile Team! Few updates coming your way.....

Client Updates

Metro: Please make sure you check underneath the cart for patient belongings when they are discharged

York - Place UPCOMING charts in the blue cart and COMPLETED charts in the extra room on the crash cart. These have recently been mixed up and taken back to the office by accident.


LR Bags: Reminder LR bags are good for 24 hours after they have been spiked so we can use them within that time frame. If you are going to save them for the next day please write the date on the bag, when opened.

Expiration checks/stocking: Please remember to check the crash cart, glucometer, and drug boxes and the beginning of each month. Do not remove the expired drugs/supplies until the replacements arrive. We will be placing an expiration checklist for the drug boxes at the permanent sites, as a reminder.

Packing Equipment: At the end of the day, please pack up the equipment as best as possible. We don't want our equipment to get lost or damaged.



We will be hiring another RN and MA. Please send any referrals our way. Referrals from our employees are the best! We hit the jackpot with Kim L, Kim T, Pam and LaBrandi! All referrals from our staff! :)


Dr. Ram celebrated her last day with Mobile at Sub GI last week. Mobile sent flowers and had a pizza party at Sub GI. Thank you to Deb for coordinating! Dr. Ram was very thankful and wanted me to pass along the below email:

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

This past week, my time at Mobile came to a close and I transitioned to a new position in Lake Forest. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you over the last two years. I worked with very talented colleagues out in the field and also had wonderful people working behind the scenes in the home office. Thank you for everything and I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. I'd like to leave you my email if for any reason you need to reach me in the future:



Dr. Archie Buddhadev has been a wonderful addition to the Mobile Team as well! She is already starting her 4th week with Mobile! Please give her a big welcome when you see her!

End of Year of Craziness

Thank you to the entire Mobile staff for their hard work and flexibility! This is our busiest time of year and it is truly a team effort. Thank you! Thank you!

New and exciting things in 2016!

Business Development is booming! We definitely have some things in the works that will

add to our client roster in 2016. More info coming soon!

EMR, Nexus, Healthstream, Zenefits, BD, billing changes, and the end of year hustle and bustle have been keeping the departments very busy!


Mobile Annual Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who came aboard to celebrate the annual Mobile Holiday Party! We had our largest turn out yet, with about 95 people! It was a lovely evening with co-workers! It was nice to catch up and relax with everyone.

Client Appreication

As a thank you to all of our wonderful clients, holiday gift baskets, and buckets of Garrett's

popcorn, will be making their way to the sites. Thank you to all of the staff who bring in goodies to the sites all year long. It is much appreciated. Happy clients = Happy staff!

Big image

A big thank you to Sally who decorated and brought in this lovely tree to the office!

Big image

Save the Date!

Health Stream: Thank you to everyone who has completed their assignments. I know there was some frustration with getting logged in and opening the assignments. We are working out the kinks and thank everyone for their patience. I will be reaching out soon to the few people that are still on the naughty list!

Zenefits- If you haven't do so already, please make sure you log in to Zenefits and update all of you necessary information. If you have any questions, please reach out to Josh Gantz.

Sunday, January 17th- Dr. Tadel's Baby Shower, The Clubhouse in Oakbrook. Time TBA.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!