Washing Machines

Scrub a Dub dub in half the time!

History of Washing Machines

The first washing machine was the scrub board. It was not as effective since it was still hand powered and needed a sufficient amount of strength and energy to use. In 1858, the Rotary washing machine ( also called a Wringer ) was invented.The idea of a electrical powered washing machine appealed more to women,considering they were the ones doing all the housework and cleaning.

More Information about the Rotary washing machine /wringler

  • Invented in 1858, by William Blackstone
  • Washing clothing was quicker and more efficient
  • Created to appeal more to women

Impact in Industrial Revolution

Through developments and enhancements over the centuries, reflecting the technological advances of the times. From manually operated washers to the electric and automated machines of today, washing machines have advanced so much in terms of function, efficiency, and convenience of use. All of these made washing machines indispensable to households at present times, and certainly in the future as well.


Scrub Board: By Matassas Nps

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The first Wringler Machine: By Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

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Modern Washing Machine: ByArpingstone Realeased to the Public Domain

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