Meet the Winning Classrooms!

of's 8th Annual Be-a-Famous Writer Contest


Ms. Garcia’s 4th grade class at Rye Elementary School in Rye, New Hampshire. The story is called: A Library...From a Book’s Perspective!
The winning classroom will be filled with actual books, audio books and digital books thanks to the sponsors of the contest: Mackin Educational Resources, Tales2GO, and Cantata Learning . Judge Chris Grabenstein is also providing autographed copies of his books. Watch my special video to meet the other finalists and some surprise honorable mentions!

Boxes of Books from Cantata Learning provided to 2nd & 3rd place winners!

  • 4th graders at Meadow Ridge Elementary in Minnesota in Ms. Hoffmann’s class who took 2nd place with their entry, “The Winchester Library”
  • 4th graders from Mrs. Berghoff’s class South Elementary School in Jackson, Missouri who took 3rd place with their story “The Tasty Librarian”
Powell’s Book store provided gift cards and I am giving them to the following schools for honorable mentions who were also in the top 5 entries:
  • Teacher Deanna Bryant from Brewer Community School in Brewer Maine for their entry “The Secret Library”
  • Ms Gooden’s class at Randolph Heights Elementary in St. Paul Minneapolis with their story “Locked in the Library”!

Teachers Check your Mail Boxes! You may be one of the lucky 13!

Because I am celebrating Friday the 13th, 13 lucky classrooms will also get Powell’s gift cards and special certificates because their stories had something extra special too! Call it superstitious, or call it super fabulous! It's just more books for K-4 Classrooms!