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Hello Au Gres-Sims Families,

Communication, it is at the heart of relationships and it is critical for success in almost any endeavor. This week I witnessed our middle school students learning this lesson through courses and activities that they engaged in at the Hartley Outdoor Education Center. Our students learned when to talk, when to listen, and how to be clear with their messaging; they learned the power of communicating their thoughts with clarity and purpose.

Just as it was for our students this week, it is for us as well, communication is critical to the school-home relationship. We have a lot going of great things going on at Au Gres-Sims and it can be overwhelming to keep up at times. In this information age the urge to shut it all down and escape the barrage of emails, notifications, and phone calls is tangible and strong. I encourage everyone to fight that urge in order to continue the partnership that we have in the education of your sons and daughters.

Here at AGS we use a number of forms of communication to relay our messages to our community. We do this because we know that not everyone gets their news in the same spot and in the same way and because we do not want students to miss out on opportunities. We use phone calls (recorded and live), social media posts, website news flashes, app notifications, and, most frequently, email. This last one is critical and is the focus of my message for you this week.

We are receiving phone calls to the district claiming that information is not coming through and that emails are not being received. There are a couple of things that you can do on your own to aid in this process.

  1. Designate a time each day to review your email for anything from the school.
  2. Check your spam/junk folder each weekend and mark anything "ags" as safe.
  3. If you have a yahoo account, consider a new email server (there are many free options available, including gmail). Yahoo accounts are notorious for blocking and/or delaying the delivery of email, especially when email is not frequently checked.
  4. Access your Skyward account and check "My Account" to verify/update your contact information, including phone and email address.

Communication is such a critical piece of what we do everyday. Thank you for taking the time to ensure that you are receiving our communication and actively participating in the education of your sons and daughters.

Have a wonderful weekend AGS.

-Mr. Ming

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K-12 Principal's Update

Time is running out! You can still purchase chromebook insurance for MS/HS devices up until next Thursday, September 23. The cost of insurance depends on which device your child has. For one year of insurance, Dell chromebooks are $28 and HP chromebooks are $23. For more information, go to the following link:

Because the last two years have been so limiting for our seniors, the Wolverine Pride Association has supported our 12th grade class by providing special things such as student banners that have been put up throughout town. These have been taken down and banners from the last two years are in the foyer entering the school office. If the families of these seniors would like to keep the banners, these will still be available for your pick up for a couple of weeks and then will be disposed of.

Homecoming week is now upon us. It has been a while since we have been able to have a Homecoming parade, but we will this year! Our parade will start at Bopp-Busch and will make its way down US 23 and end up at the school. Don’t miss out on the wonderful floats (high school) and banners (middle school). Congratulations to our Homecoming Court!

Freshman class- Isabella Freehling, Evan Trombley

Sophomore class- Sydney Hardy, Josh Campbell

Junior class- Elizabeth Beardsley, Bryce Verdusco

Senior class- Natalie Hoadley, Karley McLavy, Mallory Gordon, Dayton Crouterfield, Evan Saunders, Parker Nelson, Mason Vansickle, Gage Miller

Prince- Jett Wilson

Princess- Adelynne Tanner

The theme for this year is “Big City Lights”. Looking ahead, here are the activities and dates for the MS/HS students starting Sunday, September 19th:

Sunday 2:00 MS and HS Powder Puff games

Monday “America Day”; Hall decorating during Seminar

Tuesday “Camo Day”

Wednesday “Mismatch Day”, 6:30 HS Scavenger Hunt/Bonfire

Thursday “Tropical Day”

Friday “Maroon and Gold Day”

2:00 Homecoming Assembly

4:30 Parade

7:00 Game vs. Alcona


10:00 Homecoming Classic Football Golf Outing at Knollview

8:00 Homecoming Dance

Recently, there have been many Covid outbreaks popping up at local schools. Thank you for continuing to be diligent and doing your part so all of our students can participate in these wonderful Homecoming events and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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From the Desk of Mrs. Socha

We have wrapped up our first week of NWEA testing! Most of our K-1 students will now be completed with their testing, as they only have reading and math assessments to complete. The 2nd-11th grade will continue testing next week. Make-up testing will take place during the last week of September, including our Middle School students taking their math assessment.

This year, we are excited to have a new intervention tool, that used in conjunction with NWEA will help meet the individual needs of each student. The new tool, called ExactPath, syncs with each students’ NWEA score and creates a personalized pathway of skills that are needed to fill in any gaps in a student’s learning. Regardless of the reason for the gaps, ExactPath will provide the students with lessons and activities to help them master their missing skills. The fun part is that we can issue challenges to students as well, which can be used for classroom or House competitions! Just a small amount of time in the platform each week will make a huge impact over the course of the school year. It will be important for students to take the test seriously so that their path truly reflects the needs that they have, and also provides them the opportunity to challenge themselves beyond, as it moves through students through standards both above and below grade level. Therefore, students who perform well on NWEA will be able to work on skills that will continue to move them forward!

As the process of identifying needs moves forward through testing, we will also be preparing the necessary steps required by the Read by Grade 3 law. Next week, we will be sending out more information about parent informational meetings for both the Read by Grade 3 law as well as Title I support. These meetings are designed to let parents know of the supports that the district has put in place to support our youngest learners who have academic needs. Watch for information to come out in the next week!
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Athletics Update

The fall sports season is underway and we are excited to be offering Varsity, JV, and middle school football, Varsity and JV volleyball, and middle school girls basketball this fall.

Next Week's Game Schedule

  • M 9/20: MS Girls Basketball HOME vs. Atlanta- 6pm
  • Tu 9/21: JV/V Volleyball HOME vs. Hale - 6pm
  • W 9/22: MS Girls Basketball AWAY @ Hale - 6pm
  • Th 9/23: JV/V Volleyball HOME vs. Hillman- 6pm
  • Th 9/23: JV Football AWAY @ Alcona - 6pm
  • F 9/24: V Football HOME vs. Alcona (HOMECOMING)- 7pm

Just a reminder that Football Frenzy cards are on sale until October 1st. Get your card before they're gone!

Important Dates

Important dates for September for the Au Gres-Sims School District


  • SEPTEMBER 20: Board of Education meeting 6p Elementary Library
  • SEPTEMBER 24: HOMECOMING, Varsity Football at 7pm


Come be a part of the AGS Staff and help out your local school district. Employees are the backbone of a school district and the foundation by which we are able to offer services to our students and families. The vacancies below are critical needs for us and for our student services. If you or someone you know is looking for a job, please consider joining the family of the Au Gres-Sims School District.

We are hiring for the following positions:

  • Cook
  • Administrative Assistant to the Principal's Office
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Substitute Bus Drivers

Information can be found under 'Employment Opportunities' on the district website or can be provided by calling the district office at (989) 876-7150.

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