Women's Clothing

By: Sydney Bartz

Before the War

Before World War I women had traditional social patterns. They took after their parents, which meant dressing the same as their mother did when she was their age. Young teenage girls clothing required long tight waisted dresses with absolutely no skin showing from their legs or feet. Thier arms also had to be covered, sometimes they even wore gloves too. Hats were also a necessity to cover the head of their long flowing hair.

During the War

During the women started thinking about more freedom. They wanted to start becoming more independent. They realised that they didn't have to be like their parents and be restricted in what they can and can't do in public. Ten they did the what not many other people would do. They rebelled.

After the War

Young teenage girls started a "youth rebellion". They abandoned the restrictive clothing and hairstyles. They started wearing looser garments and cut their hair in short "bobs". They also started drinking and smoking in public, driving fast cars, and wear a lot of makeup, which was still very unacceptable at the time. Women became equal partners with their husbands after this stage. All because of this rebellion women went from 'gibson girls" to the well known "flappers".

My Reaction

As i was reading through the book looking for an idea for my project I stopped at this part because it immediately interested me. I noticed that they only had a little information about this topic so I was eager to learn more. This subject was one that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about.

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The Roaring 20s, flappers dancing the Charleston

This is a video of flappers dancing in Charleston. At this time women were not supposed like this in public.