Andrew Jackson

By: Haylee Spates


I think Andrew Jackson was a villain because he made the Cherokee move out of their homeland, the Indian Removal Act.

On a similar note...

He also closed down the state bank because he thought it was unconstitutional and that it caused a serious threat to the economy, But that angered the wealthy.

The Villain caused this...

Jackson was a Villain...

Reasons why he is a Villain

Jackson is a villain because he closed down the bank because he thought it was Unconstitutional. This angered the wealthy and the poor people didn't have enough money for the things they needed. That didn't promote democracy because it made people angry and they didn't want the bank closed. Secondly he made the Cherokee move so that there was room for Georgia to expand. This action angered some people and some people thought it was a great idea. He also favored the wealthy because they agreed with him. They were the ones that voted for him and supported him. They also said that he was fit to be president when the poor said he was unfit to be president. Lastly he was selfish.