Marquise V. Bowers

Student, Martial Artist,Computer Specialist, Musician.

Personal Bio

His Name is Marqiuse Versace Bowers he likes drawing, free running, playing intruments such as the guitar, piano, and violen. At a very young age it took him some time to regain freinds and express himself how he would like to. He went on with life as a neutral poker face, but when it was time for him to show emotion and expressions he would overdo it. He was known and was kicknamed as a Ghost. He loved how they see nothong but actually does almost everything. You just have to get to know him. You can expect much from this one.

My Resume

Marquise V. Bowers



Houston Community College

Degree in Art

  • Focus: Degree in Animation and Design
  • Expected to graduate in June 2015


  • Best Improvement
  • A/B honor roll
  • Hop Scotch Champion
  • Best personality


  • Fixing Computers: Hardware wise and software wise
  • Basic manipulative animation such as: Pivot And Go Animate
  • I can draw
  • Basic word and PowerPoint knowledge.