BWRSD Community Update 8/6/2020

Op-Ed, Distance Learning & Transportation Request Deadline

Dear BWRSD parents and guardians,

Superintendents throughout Rhode Island and across the country are engaging families, staff, and community members in the challenging process of exploring various options for the reopening of schools. Throughout the spring and summer, I have been working closely with Superintendents from seven neighboring school districts in Rhode Island’s East Bay to share ideas, brainstorm scenarios, strategize about various challenges, and more. We also co-authored a guest opinion piece about the analyses we conducted to draft our reopening plans, and the many factors we are considering as the new school year approaches. The opinion piece will appear in local newspapers throughout the East Bay this week. Read the op-ed here.

As a reminder, tomorrow is the deadline for families to opt for a distance learning option for their child(ren) and to register their child(ren) for transportation to/from school. The links for both forms are included below in the update. We understand that it may be difficult to make these decisions weeks before the start of the school year, however, we need to start making appropriate staffing decisions to accommodate our families requests.

As always, please continue to email me if you have questions about our reopening plan.

Sincerely Yours,

Jonathan Brice, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Bristol Warren Regional School District


Today’s update has information about the following topics:

  1. Distance Learning Confirmation Form (final decision due by 8/7/20)

  2. Transportation Registration Form (register by 8/7/20)

  3. East Bay Superintendents’ Guest Op-Ed

1. Distance Learning Confirmation Form (final decision due by 8/7/20)

In preparation for the full in-person model (Hybrid at KMS and MHHS), we understand that there are families who are uncomfortable with having their student(s) return to in-person learning for health and other reasons. In order to accommodate our families, we are offering a distance learning option.

** NOTE** Families that select the distance learning option are committing to their child’s participation in distance learning for the first quarter (middle/high school), trimester (elementary) or for the full school year.

Please submit the form linked below called BWRSD Distance Learning Confirmation for ALL children in your family who will require distance learning for the 2020-2021 school year by tomorrow, Friday, August 7, 2020, so we are able to plan for appropriate staffing. Please fill out this form even if you filled out the original survey sent out in the middle of July.

BWRSD Distance Learning Confirmation Form Link

There is no form or application needed if you are choosing to have your child(ren) return to school in person.

2. Transportation Registration Form (Register by 8/7/20)

Please complete this Transportation Registration Form for the 2020-2021 school year. We are currently only able to accommodate requests for transportation to/from school using the same pick-up/drop-off address.

Once we have received these requests, we will communicate with families if we have the space available to offer transportation to families who may only need it for drop-off or pick-up at school. Thank you for your understanding as we work with these transportation guidelines.

3. East Bay Superintendents’ Guest Op-Ed

Superintendent Brice co-authored with Superintendents in seven other East Bay school districts a guest op-ed about the guiding principles and factors to consider in decision-making about school reopening options. Read it here.

BWRSD Back To School

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