Everyone has heard of the flash, hulk, spider man, batman, and superman. Most of them have powers that are not possible on earth such as flying, super strength, mind control, etc. Each of these heroes either had something injected into them (in a way) or went under intense training to become who they are today. of cores these people where created by marvel and are fake but there are few people with advanced human qualities. These people are called superhumans.


There are few people in the world who have these advanced qualities but for some they didn't know they had them till recently. There was a man who lived in India and he tried to commit suicide by holding the bars of an electric tower but strangely when he did nothing happened soon did he find out he could take more than 10 times the electricity that a normal human body could take. He was put to the test by one of Stan Lees shows called Super Humans and he passed the test. This is one of many advanced qualities of few people around the world.

No Pain No Gain

There is a man that has never felt pain his entire life . He can poke needle like objects through one spot and out the other and not even flinch. He has also never bleeded when this happens. This can benefit him in many ways and is very helpful in his life. Even though he can not feel pain he can still damage his mussels which can cause serious issues even if he can't feel the pain that comes along with it. This is another of many great advanced qualities that some people have.

Many others

Those where just two of the many people that have them. They can range from echo location to doing any math problem under 2 seconds. The people who have these advanced abilities are very special but that might not always be a good thing. Every time someone finds out they have a power they are interviewed and sometimes treated like lab pets. Even though these can be useful they can be just as bad

Gene Spliceing

Gene splicing involves cutting out part of the DNA in a gene and adding new DNA in its place.The process is entirely chemical with restriction enzymes used as chemical 'scissors'. Depending on the type of restriction enzyme used, different parts of the genetic code can be targeted. A specific restriction enzyme will split apart a specific strand of DNA leaving behind a gap in the genetic code. New DNA can then be added in this gap.When a new strand of DNA is added, it takes the place of the binds to the ends of the DNA strands that were originally cut. Another enzyme called ligase is used in the repair process.

Once the new DNA is in place, the function of the gene changes. In cases where a defective gene is repaired, the new gene will begin functioning correctly, producing the appropriate enzymes for its type.

What If

What if someone can find a way to replicate what the super humans have in their bodies and are able to inject it into another person, giving them the same advanced powers that the original person has. Would this be able to help society with many problems it has, would this be able to change the earth forever? This might be able to help with time because if someone is given super strength they can save money by not needing as many machines to carry things saving time and money.


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