Ice Fire

By:D'Lacey Chris Presented By Mason Shefchik



Figurative language

1."Yes,"said the woman with her voice as clear as a glacial rain drop. Simile

2."The last time I saw you, my dear, you were no bigger than a seaside pebble."Metaphor

3.As David's mind wrestled with the incredible conundrum of how the man who worked at Scrubbley Collage, looked exactly like the polar explorer that went missing in 1913. The house came alive with a trail of telephones. Personification

They all give a emphasis to the story.


Secrets can hurt and help.

1.If Liz would have told David about the dragons right away, Gwillanna wouldn't have been summoned by the wish

2.Liz only kept the secret of the dragons to keep David out of trouble with Liz's past


Dialogue decription

In this piece of dialogue, David just wished to learn more about Gawain's fire tear(on G'reth the wishing dragon. Suddenly the door bell rings, and finds an old woman in the doorway.