Gradebook - Common Mistakes


First Semester Gradebook Check Data

Many of you know that first semester I made it a goal to have 0% errors in our teacher gradebooks. I checked each teachers' gradebook in October and found this data.
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How to Fix This?

There are 4 most common mistakes. As you can see from the pie chart, there are 3 outlined in this check. The last one was discovered during my December checks.
Synergy Mistake1 Check Marks
SynergyMistake2 OutofZeroOrOne
SynergyMistake3 AssignmentTypesUnevenOrNotUsed

December Stats

I only checked the gradebooks of those that had an error in it from October. I also checked the Final Exam Setup. This is when I discovered that this is also an issue.
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SynergyMistake4 FinalExamCommonMistakes