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Special Featured Electives Edition - February 5, 2023

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In this issue, we are featuring some of our elective programs that we would love to offer next year. There are compelling offerings across every area of our programs that you may not have heard of because they are unlike some of the things that parents may have been able to do in high school! It is particularly exciting that many of our programs will be improved by the new building that we will be in next year. The facilities for our arts, technology, engineering, career and media programs will be unlike anything our students could dream of!

Several of the electives you'll see here are ECE , or Early College Experience Courses. These courses are not only for students who consider themselves "AP" or "Honors" students! Several are good options for students who have interest in a particular area, want courses that are relevant to career goals, and want to get their feet wet with a college experience before they graduate. ECE courses help students earn college credit based on their work and performance, not based on a single test!

If enough students don't request these courses, they cannot run, so it's important that if students have interest in any course, they include it on their requests starting Monday, February 6th.

We encourage all parents/guardians to take a look at these offerings, and get more details by taking a look at the 2023-24 Program of Studies. Remember, this is just a sample of all of the courses we offer to NFHS students!

The courses featured below are organized into Humanities and STEM groups. Be sure to read about all of them- you'll be impressed by what you find!

If students have questions about any of the offerings here, we've included the best teacher to speak to. Students can always speak to their school counselor about anything in our program.


Maritime Culture- ECE

Introduction to Maritime Culture is an early college experience course offered through UCONN. This semester-long course is a humanities-based course with interdisciplinary ties to art, music, literature, and science, linking the international maritime culture to peoples, nations, economies, environments, and cultural aesthetics.

Faculty contact: Mrs. McGovern

Black and Latino Studies

This course promotes the understanding of the construct of race and how it was developed. It investigates the evolution and development of African American and Latino identities, including intersections with Indigenous and other identities. It will address the important role that African American, Puerto Rican, and Latino communities have played in shaping U.S. society, culture, and the economy. It will also help students identify resources and opportunities for active engagement, citizenship, and civil responsibility.

Be a part of this dynamic expansion of the NFHS Social Studies curriculum!

Faculty contact: Mr. Jones

Creative Drama and Theater Workshop

Creative Drama and Theater Workshop are not just for students who want to be in productions! They are great courses for any student who wants to learn more about the theater, improve their public speaking and interviewing skills or the craft of playwriting! Counts for Fine Arts credit.

Faculty contact: Mr. Gadwah

Music Technology

Music Technology and Advanced Music Technology are great courses for anyone who has an interest in how digital music is made, not just those who play an instrument! Students will learn about how hardware and software are used to record, edit, and create music in a real-world lab setting. The advanced course will stress the creation process, including combining music and video. Counts for Fine Arts or CTE credit.

Faculty contact: Mr. Hounsell

Pop Music and Diversity - ECE

Get college credit from UConn while learning about jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and more, including the impact on American culture and the stories of those who created this music that we listen to every day! Counts for Fine Arts credit.

Faculty contact: Mr. Gadwah

Commercial Art & Design

Our Commercial Art & Design course is a semester course that gives students authentic project-based experiences. Students who are interested in a future in design, advertising, business, and more will definitely want to consider this course that count for arts or CTE graduation requirements!

Faculty contact: Mrs. Main

Studio Art Pathway

The art department offers a pathway consisting of three semester-long courses for students who are interested in studio art! Start with the basics of Studio Art I, and work your way through increasingly advanced art media and more professional projects.

Faculty contact: Mrs. Main

World Languages

The World Languages department offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and Mandarin Chinese. Be sure to check out the Program of Studies for AP and ECE offerings, including our anticipated new ECE French course!

Faculty contacts:

Spanish: Mr. Fabrizio-Garcia, Mrs. Scappaticci

French: Mrs. Edel

Italian: Mrs. Bryan

Latin: Ms. Rowley

Mandarin: Ms. Lian

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History of Mathematics: How Math Shapes the World Around Us

In History of Mathematics, students will explore topics in architecture, astronomy and navigation in ancient times and move onto theorems developed during the Renaissance era through project-based learning. Each era will have a focus on a specific geographical region as well as the various mathematicians and their contributions. This unique course is sure to engage students who always wondered about "why" math is so important to the world!

This is a Math elective, additional to the math graduation requirement.

Faculty Contact: Mr. Brady

Explorations in Data Science

Explorations in Data Science I and II are courses that introduce students to the analytic uses of Google Sheets, Python, Data Commons and Tableau, in real world settings. The advanced course students will model with data, make and evaluate data-based arguments, and evaluate the power of data in today’s society. This is a course that is applicable to any future college and career goals!

This is a Math elective, additional to the math graduation requirement.

Faculty Contact: Mrs. Hall

Financial Algebra

Financial Algebra is an elective math course that engages students with real-world financial applications while maintaining deep mathematical rigor. This is a Math elective, additional to the math graduation requirement

Faculty Contact: Mrs. Hall

Allied Health Professions - ECE

This UConn course is the perfect introductory college course for any student who is interested in a future career in a health-related field ! It will introduce the scholars to professionals working in various allied health fields. Allied Health professionals are involved with the delivery of health or related services pertaining to the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders. These professionals also work in dietary and nutrition services, rehabilitation and health systems management and other fields.

Faculty Contact: Mrs. D'Amico

Medical Terminology through Human Pathology - ECE

This UConn course introduces the basic concepts, medical terminology and etiology of diseases and conditions that affect humans. Students will engage in an overview and history of human pathology immune response, pathology of major organ systems and common ailments. This course provides an engaging experience for any student who may be interested in a pre-med or other medical career program after high school!

Faculty Contact: Mrs. D'Amico

Career and Technical Education Courses

CTE courses are some of the most relevant classes we offer to prepare students for life beyond high school, and are specifically focused on career opportunities! Check out what we offer and contact a teacher with questions you have!
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Program of Studies- Get all the details!

Click here or on the image to the left to access the Program of Studies, and talk with your students about all of the programs available to NFHS student.

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