Standardized Testing

Should it be Used?

It stifles creativity.

Standardized testing has been proven to eliminate creativity in students. Multiple-choice tests limit critical thinking and only test the basic facts, rather than checking to see if a student has a full understanding of the topic.

Tests discriminate.

Standardized testing has been proved to discriminate against black and Latino students, as well as underprivileged children, and children with disabilities.

Millions are spent on Testing.

Not only do states spend millions of dollars each year to test students, but schools are cutting down on time spent in classes that aren't tested in order to have time to prepare each student for the mandatory tests.

Standardized Tests are Unreliable.

Standardized tests are often graded by under-paid workers with little to no educational training, with only an answer key. Without knowledge of the test, answers could be marked wrong when multiple answers could have been correct.