We Need More Technoogy!

Does VHS make you want to be a lifelong learner?

No, Varina makes me want to stay away from school and learning anything else. They have too many restrictions. "You can't do this. You can't do that. You can't wear this. You can't wear that.You cant get on this website." Varina needs to calm down with all the restrictions especially starting with technology. Technology is taking over the world now. We can do so much with the laptops to help us learn, but not if most things are blocked. They can help us out more than most people think. Then our phones.... We need more usage of them too. What if they're is something urgent that we need to let our parents know? Or if we need to check on them because they have some type of sickness or disability? We wouldn't know if they are ok because we cant use our phone. What if we need to check an update on something important on school meeting and things like that? We can't check our phone because we don't want it to get taken.