By: Ashley Dyson

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Basic Information:


Population- 199,085,847

Type of government- Federal Parliamentary Republic

Top 3 languages- Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, and Saraiki 10%

Head of state- President Mamnoon Hussain

Head of government- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

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The culture of Pakistan is rich with stylish clothes, tasty food dishes, lovely family's, and important holidays. All these thing play a great roles in the culture of Pakistan. I will go into depth to each one of these items.


Men in this region wear something called shalwar kamiz, these are pants with a skirt type clothing worn over them with a shirt too. Women wear long dupatta, which is like a scarf that covers their head and face, this is part of their religion. Their religion forces women to dress modestly and respectfully in public.

Food Dishes

Rice and yogurt are used in almost every food dish in Pakistan. Pillau is a common dinner. The people of Pakistan usually eat Chapati, which is like a pita bread, in every meal. Most of the food in Pakistan is spicy and hot. They go to spices such as Curry, garlic, and ginger as one of the main ingredients in meals. Lamb, beef, and chicken are some of the main meats they use in food dishes. Muslims, which is most of the country, don't eat pork for religious reasons so they go to other meats for their source of protein.


In Pakistan they believe that families are the most important thing, they are the top priority. They also believe that the eldest male is in charge, this is due to religion and the history of this region. When it's time for one of the children to get married the marrage is usually arranged.

The houses the families live in are usually made of mud or mud-brick. This is how the people of Pakistan live.


There are two major Eids in Pakistan. Eid al-Fitr is a 3 day festival at the end of Ramadan, a time period when Muslims fast-don't eat-for a whole month anytime the sun is up. They have this festive and they all have a huge feast. It's like a Christmas for the kids, they get new clothes and money. Women and girls get henna on their hands, the point is that they spend time with their families. Eid al-Adha is another feast of sacrifice, it honors the prophet Abraham. Most Muslims kill a sheep. The Basant festival is important in Lahore, one of the biggest cities in Pakistan. During this festival they have a kite flying contest, which is a popular sport in Pakistan. In Pakistan, weddings are the most important festival, they last 3 days.


Education is very important to the people of Pakistan. Boys go to a religious school called madrassa, girls usually do not go to school because their parents keep them at home so they can learn how to do the cooking and cleaning for when they raise a family of their own.

The government doesn't fund the schools equally so wealthier families send their kids to boarding schools for the best education. Some schools don't even have running water or electricity, so families move to get better educations. The government is trying to help but there is not much they can do.

Entertainment and Sports

The people of Pakistan do many things for fun and entertainment, this includes sports such as, kite flying, kabaddi-like team wrestling, cricket-like baseball, filed hockey, and squash-like racquetball. They also enjoy watching TV shows and listening to music, plus they like to enjoy, look at, and make art.


Kite flying is a major sport in this region of Asia, and lots of people play. But, this game is no ordinary kite flying competition, the players get their kites to as high a possible then whip them to the sides trying to cut the other players strings. Another popular sport is kabaddi, which has it's own national team. This game is played in lost of rural areas of Pakistan. The object of the game is to send a raider over to the other teams side and the raider has to hold their breath for 30 seconds and tag as many people as possible without being tackled to the ground. If they get back un-tackled that team gets a point, if the raider does get tackled they do not get a point. Other sports such as cricket, filed hockey, and squash, which were introduced by the British are still played today.

Music and Art

The people of Pakistan enjoy listening and singing to popular pop music, such as regions from all over Asia.

They like to make jewelry, make intricate leather work, and do beautiful tile work on buildings. Carpet making is not only a big employment job but can also turn out to be a beautiful piece of art.
Pakistani music


major land forms, land and climate, vegetation, major cities, and animals are big parts of Pakistan's geography and it's natural land forms. I will be going into detail with all of these parts of Pakistan.

Major Landforms

The top 5 largest land forms in Pakistan are, the Northern Mountains, the Indus River, the Indus River Valley, the Baluchistan Plateau, and the Arabian Sea Coast.

The Northern Mountains are in the northern most part of Pakistan near the Hindu Kush. The Indus River runs straight through the country and meets with many other streams , creeks, and smaller rivers along the way to the Arabian Sea. The Indus River Valley is a the most populated area in Pakistan because of its richness of natural resources. The
Baluchistan Plateau is West of the Indus River. Lastly, the Arabian Sea Coast South of the county and is also highly populated.

Land and Climate

The whole size of Pakistan is about the size of Turkey. South of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is flat in the country side. Floods are common in this area because of the climate and the Indus River being so close. Plateau makes it hard to farm but used to raise animals such as cattle, goats, and sheep. The change in the climate of the country side to the Coast makes it so earthquakes are common on the coast.

Vegitation and Animals

Fir, Juniper, Spruce, and Pine trees, are common in the Mountain ranges. The national tree of Pakistan is the Deodars.

Sand cats live in the desert areas of Pakistan. Snow Leopards, Black Bears, Barking Deer, Wild Sheep, and Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan all live in the mountian areas of Pakistan.

Major Cities

Most people in Pakistan live in rural areas. But if they were to live in a city the two major ones are Karachi and Lahore. Plus people inhabit the Indus River Valley for its rich natural resources. Punjabi is the largest religious group in this area.


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