Mrs. Dean's Fabulous Frogs

September 2014

This week in Reading:

Story: Aero and Officer Mike

Skill: Fact and Opinion

Strategy: Reread

Robust Vocabulary

Phonics: Consonant Diagraphs (ch, tch, sh, wh)

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns

*Read daily! Keep working toward those AR goals. Students that meet their AR goal the 1st nine weeks and the 2nd nine weeks will have an opportunity to go on a field trip in December!

*Check agenda for homework assignments.

*Story, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar test will be Friday.

This week in Math:

*We are continuing with subtraction. Keep practicing those strategies when subtracting. I know some of your kids have taught you the strategies they have been learning!

  • subtraction with regrouping
  • subtract three-digit numbers
  • subtract four-digit numbers
  • subtract across zero

*Check agenda for homework assignments.

*Practice basic facts for addition and subtraction.

This week in Social Studies:

Unit: Greece

  • democracy
  • Olympics
  • architecture

*Review nightly the daily lesson. The workbook is a great study tool for social studies!