April 2015


Pre-Engineering 6:

Students were involved in Extreme Engineering a challenge as they designed and constructed towers that were to overcome compression and tension to hold the heaviest load using only balsa wood and nontoxic glue. During the fourth rotation we have design teams who had their balsa wood tower hold all 205 pounds without breaking! One tower weighed in at 11 grams and held 205 pounds for a structural efficiency of 8453.31. Another weighed 12 grams and held 205 pounds for a structural efficiency of 7748.87.An additional tower weighed18 grams and held 205 pounds for a structural efficiency of 5165.91. Way to Go!

Students are now participating in Flip this Hou$e an architectural drawing session using both manual and 2D-3D computer-aided-design (CAD) program. Students create an architectural drawing that'll effectively communicate a renovation of another's room in themes relating to their tastes or hobbies. Students can only communicate with their partners using email. Presentation will begin this week. Fingers crossed!

Pre-Engineering 7:

Students have just completed All-American Makers a challenge in which they create a 3D drawing of a one of a kind kitchen gadget.

They are now participating in Extreme Engineering a challenge where their goal is to design, perform simulations and construct a truss bridge that'll overcome compression and tension to hold the heaviest amount of weight using only balsawood and nontoxic glue. This is a challenge activity is level 5! Good Luck!

Pre-Engineering 8:

Students have just completed How Do They Do It a challenge where the goal is to brainstorm, design, and manufacture a prototype of an organizational wall mounted. And they also customized and manufactured an eye-catching lamp. They look awesome!

They are now partaking in an Extreme Engineering challenge as they design, construct, and test a crane or “boomilever” to overcome compression and tension that'll hold the heaviest live load using only balsa wood and glue. I wish you luck!

Engineering Quote of the Month:

There are 3 types of students.

1) some make wonders happen

2) some watch wonders happen

3) some wonders, what happen? :P

- Donno

Engineer of the Month:

John Logie Baird: The Scottish engineer John Logie Baird invented a mechanical television. While Philo T. Farnsworth would be credited later with developing the dissector tube that made electronic TV possible, Baird is credited with providing the first televised objects in motion, and the first televised human face, as well as demonstrating color television in 1928.

Career of the Month:

Civil Engineering Technicians

Apply theory and principles of civil engineering in planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of structures and facilities under the direction of engineering staff or physical scientist.

Sample of reported job titles: Civil Designer, Civil Engineering Assistant, Civil Engineering Designer, Civil Engineering Technician, Construction Analyst, Design Technician, Engineering Assistant, Engineering Specialist, Engineering Technician, Transportation Engineering Technician

Median wages (2013) $22.97 hourly, $47,780 annual