My 2015 Year In Review

Kyle R

Three companies marketed themselves the best and why?

1. Apple

Everyone buys their product because they see their commercials that are well made and the apple the a bite taken out logo is memorial.


It's the biggest shoe brand because of their logo, sponsoring athletes, and the slogan just do it.


The little green lizard is seen all over with the saying "Geico can say you %15 or more in car insurance."

Two of the best products that were introduced in 2015?

1. Xbox One

2. iPhone 6

Two of the Worst new products in 2015?

1. PS4
2. Hoverboard

Top two movies of 2015 and how these movies were marketed?

1. Star wars

Was shown a flash back to the past with old star wars coming back and there will be more star wars coming.

2. Furious 7

had fast and colorful commercials to show how cool this movie is.

Top two musical artists of 2015?

1. Drake

He makes good songs now and makes them with real rappers also he hit the gym.

2. Future

He makes so many songs that at least 1 of them will be good and that you will hear them eventually

Top 5 restaurants in DC

1. Bad Saint

2. Chaia

3. Convivial

4. Garrison


One life goal you have made for yourself for 2016?

-Personal improvement: Improve my speed

-Family and friends: Make more friends in each class

-School and the outside world: Take more honors next school year