Don't Get Caught In The Mix!

Warning Signs, Influences, Deterrents, Places For Help!

Signs of Ecstasy!

There are many signs that identify people who take ecstasy. It can blur your vision, there is memory loss, seizures, anxiety, vomiting, depression, liver failure, death when taken with other drugs or alcohol, and lots more. Never accept ecstasy from other people because it can lead to worse outcomes that are not worth the feeling of freedom and happiness for several hours.

Who To Avoid?

Ecstasy is a party drug, which means that the main users are usually teenagers or young adults. The main age of users is from 12-25. There is also a higher chance for girls to use this drug, Also, kids with higher IQ's might take this drug because everything they do is boring, so they want to face challenges. Normal club attendees also have a higher chance because people might offer them ecstasy more than to people who don't visit too often. Many people who you don't think will take drugs will (smart kids), and that can turn out very bad if you get pulled in too.

Listen To These People!

Facing people who convince you to do drugs can be hard to leave, but many people can help convince you NOT to take drugs (ecstasy). Parents who care will be a big influence, so if they tell you not to take, don't. The types of friends you hang out with will matter too, so they can help steer you away from ecstasy if you are ever offered some. The laws can also help change your mind in a drug situation. If the drug is illegal or not can help you refuse the offer.

In It, Get Out!

There are many places to go for help if you are addicted to ecstasy or other drugs. Rehab can help take you away from life with ecstasy and bring you back to reality. Other places in the neighborhood can be a guidance counselor, who can talk to you about it and get you to places where they can do more work on you to get you off the hook.