Mrs. B in Grade 3

Monday Memo: Week of September 8 - Week B

Math - Fractions

This week in math, we are focusing on fractions (Math SOL 3.3). Your child must show all work in math. This helps them to see their mistake when they get stuck so they can self-correct. In addition, it allows me to see their mistake when they don't catch it themselves so I can reteach specific steps.

In fractions, students should label every part of the fraction. Remember, pieces are only fractions if all parts are equal. Ask your child to sing the "Fractions Song". Help them remember by humming the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"!

Math Homework: Your child will have homework in math Monday - Thursday. Check your child's agenda nightly to verify the homework for the night. If nothing is listed and your child's agenda has been signed, then your child does not have homework for that night. Please contact me if you child is having difficulty completing math or sciecne homework or if math homework is taking longer than 30 minutes to complete. Please contact Miss Jones in regards to reading, spelling, or language homework.

Science - Adaptations

This week in science we start our unit on Adaptations. Animals have certain adaptations which help them survive. Ask your child if he or she can give you some examples of each of the adaptations we are learning about - behavioral & physcial!

Unit Assessment: Thursday, September 17

Study Guide sent home: Thursday, September 10

Science Homework packet: Sent home Tuesday, Sept. 8, due Wednesday, Sept. 16

Mrs. Bryant's Portaportal Links to different online games! Have fun exploring!!!!

Returned Work - Take it Home and Turn it Around Tuesday

Graded work will come home on Tuesdays in your child's "School to Home" folder. This was first sent home with interim reports. Please empty your child's folder, sign, and return to school the next day.

The test report for any graded assessments taken on Interactive Achievement, our online testing tool, will be printed and sent home with the graded papers. Please sign and send back to school acknowledging your child's grade on that particular assessment.

Second Chance Work

Remember, students may have a second chance to improve grades on class work or homework assignments. Students can redo the missed questions on notebook paper and return both corrected work and orignial work for partial credit.

Any second chance work for the first quarter must be turned back in by October 2nd. No extensions will be given!

Upcoming Events & Due Dates

September 11 - Grandparents Day during Encore (1:30 pm - 2:10 pm)

September 15 - Second DC field trip installment payment due ($11/person attending)

September 17 - Kickin' It with Dad

September 18 - Smile! Fall Picture Day

September 25 - Green & Gold Day celebrating BCHS Homecoming

September 30 - Field Trip Form for Holiday Lake Field Trip Due

October 2 - Deadline for all "Second Chance Work" for the 1st quarter

October 6 - Math Benchmark Part 1

October 7 - Holiday Lake Field Trip

October 8 - No School for Students - Teacher Work Day

October 9 - No School for Students - Professional Development Day

Encore Schedule - Bryant Homeroom Week B

This Encore Schedule is only for Mrs. Bryant's Homeroom students!

Monday - Computer Lab

Tuesday - Computer Lab

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Library

Friday - P.E. (Wear tennis shoes)

Encore Schedule - Jones Homeroom Week B

This Encore Schedule is only for Miss Jones' Homeroom students!

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - P.E. (wear tennis shoes)

Friday - Music