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Shining some light on Silver!

Silver is a beautiful metal because it's malleable, it has a white-metallic luster and it is slightly harder than gold. Not only is silver beautiful, it's functional too! Silver has the highest electrical conductivity, the highest thermal conductivity and it is stable in water. Silver can be used for silver nitrate (an antiseptic), sterling silver (92.5% silver with copper or other metals) and silver fulminate (an explosive). There are two naturally occurring silver isotopes and 38 other known silver isotopes, 40 all together, which makes for a wide variety of silver. Silver is found mainly in North and South America in veins underground and with other metals. Silver is one of the noblest elements on the periodic table, meaning it is the least reactive transition element. It is only recommended that a person be around silver for up to eight hours in a forty hour week because too much silver exposure can cause argyria, which is where a person's bodily tissues absorb the silver and the skin turns a grayish color.

Silver in the Spotlight!

Bright future with investments in Silver

Are you struggling to find a good investment to secure your financial future? Well, look no further than Silver! Silver has many uses, such as being used for fine jewelry, circuitry in electronics, currency in many countries, medicines and more. Silver will always be valuable because there is less and less of it on earth and it is always needed.

Silver, found in nature, can come in nuggets, veins in rocks, or mixed in with other metals. Silver is stable in oxygen and water, but tarnishes when exposed to sulfur compounds in air or water to form a black sulfide layer. It was also one of the first give metals known to man, and it is still around today. So, as long as silver is kept in proper conditions, it should last a lifetime!

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity rate of all the metals. If there was ever a lack in recourses, silver's value would skyrocket because it is so versatile. The silver could be used to barter for other goods or for any use that it can fulfill. If your looking for a long term investment that will be sure to pay off,silver is the way to go!