1st Hawker Junior Girl Guides

Weekly Newsletter 9 2016

Week 2, Term 2 2016...

It was great to catch up with all the girls last week. We made a beautiful wreath to lay as part of the Closing Ceremony during our visit to the Australian War Memorial which has been rescheduled to Sunday 29 May 2016 - a flyer and permission note will be sent home on Thursday. We also made Mother's Day gifts for our mums.

This week... normal time at the hall

  • Badge night with Alkoomi.... planning what the girls need to do to earn the badges they are interested in and signing off things the girls have completed. Also, please make sure that everyone brings their sash and badges they have - we hope to have time to sew them on.
  • Wandi will be working with the girls who have not made their Promise or who have not renewed their Promise with 1st Hawker... Hopefully some of them will be ready to make their Promise at the District campfire on 13 May
  • Bilby will be helping the Patrol Leaders (Gretel, Laura, and Hayley) plan the PL surprise for 19 May...

Future weeks....

Here is the revised plan for Term 2:

5 May - Badge night + pre-Promise + PL Surprise planning

12 May - making sit-upons

13 May - District Campfire (free sausage sizzle, home made soup and s'mores provided by Support Group)

19 May - PL Surprise + planning for sleepover

Sat 28 May - Region Archery, Queanbeyan Guide Hall

Sun 29 May - Visit to Australian War Memorial - 2:30pm - 5:00pm

2 Jun - Cake 3 Ways

5 Jun - Greening Australia region event

9 Jun - Yoga and relaxation (run by Rachel and Hayley) + planning for Patrol night

Sat 18 Jun - Sleepover

23 Jun - Patrol night

25 Jun - Region Hike day

30 Jun - Indoor rock climbing - we will need parents to come along to assist with belaying.

Upcoming events

Ginninderra District Family Campfire

Friday, May 13th, 6-8:30pm

Walhallow Street

Hawker, ACT

All family members are invited to attend our annual Family Campfire. Support Group will be providing a free sausage sizzle and home made soup for dinner before the campfire.

Come along and meet other Guiding parents, enjoy a simple meal together, and then join in the fun around the campfire.

Please bring something to sit on (camp chair for the adults and a sit upon for the girls), your campblanket if you have one, a torch, and warm clothes as it is likely to be chilly.

If wet, the campfire will simply be moved indoors so please still come along.

Support Group

Vacant positions

President - really essential position. Works with the District Managers to run the District. Works with Support Group and parents to manage the maintenance of the hall, fundraising and other ways to support the Leaders.

Assistant Treasurer - works with Lorraine to manage the District finances.

Hall Maintenance Officer - ensures the hall is well maintained - things like changing light bulbs, checking the battery in the smoke detector, keeping graffiti under control, sweeping the paths etc. Doesn't have to do the jobs themselves can organise for others to do them....
Hall Bookings Officer - using the system set up by Lorraine, manages the external bookings for the hall

Just a reminder...

Start time: Just a reminder that we like the girls to be at the hall by 5:20pm so that we can start on time which really helps us to finish on time. The girls should be in their Guide uniforms including sash, covered shoes and hat. They should also bring their Guide bag with badge books and handbook if they can.

Fees: District Contribution Fee forms have been distributed for 2016. The annual fee is $190 which can be paid quarterly if required. If you have not paid your fees yet please do so ASAP. If you need another form, please let me know.

If you are paying quarterly, the next Term payment will be due by week 2 of the term. Reminder notices will also be sent out.

Questions: If you need to speak to me about fees, forms, uniforms, badges or any other issue it is best if you can come a bit earlier or catch me after the meeting. I can usually stay for half an hour after the meeting is over (except for the 2nd Thursday of every month when I have a Region meeting that I need to attend that starts at 7pm in Yarralumla).


There are many badges that the girls can earn. They are outlined in a couple of places. Firstly, the Look Wide badge book (available from the Guide Shop for about $9) has details for the Explore a Challenge, Create a Challenge, and Achieve a Challenge badges. I have a copy of Look Wide and the appropriate pages can be photocopied it that is more convenient.

Secondly, the girls handbook (also available from the Guide Shop for about $20) has details of the Discover a Challenge badges.

There is also the Action Guide badge. The girls need to attend meetings regularly, attend 3 Guide events outside of unit meetings, and participate in 2 service activities to earn the Action Guide badge.

The girls can work towards these badges in their own time outside of Guides. We can also program time for the girls to do activities/challenges during Guide meeting times. Once the girls have decided what badge they want to earn, they need to think about what challenges they will complete to earn the badge. Generally, they need to complete 3-4 challenges per badge. The girls MUST discuss their chosen challenges with Alkoomi, Wandi or Bilby before starting to work on their badges.

Lost property...

There is a pile of Lost Property on the bench as you walk into the Guide Hall. Please check the Lost Property regularly and take home any items that belong to your daughter.

Who are the leaders for 1st Hawker Junior Guides?


Has been a qualified leader for 15 years.

Has outdoor camping qualifications and has run about 25 camps.

Is currently studying for a Master of Clinical Psychology at University of Canberra.


Was a Guide leader for many years in Young NSW.

She is Alkoomi's mum and was her Guide Leader.

Is an artist and photographer.

She has been a Unit Helper with 1st Higgins for 2015.

She is retired and spends a lot of time looking after Alkoomi.


Is a Senior Guide with Ginninderra Tassie Devil Senior Guides.

Is working towards her Queen's Guide award.

Has been a Guide for almost 6 years.