"A Colony of Peace"

“In The Penn”

The founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, was jailed four times while in England in 1661. He longed to escape England because people like him, Quakers, were imprisoned because they didn’t believe in violence so they refused to serve in the military and pay taxes to support it.

A Family That Prays Together Stays Together!

Our colony of Philadelphia already housed about 4,000 inhabitants before our founder, William Penn arrived, but Penn came with ideas of ways to better the people and the way we did things. He wanted to offer us and the new people that were arriving everyday a place where we could live free of persecution from our religious beliefs but also live in a place that offered many economic opportunities. Penn taught us all about harmony and how to get along with our fellow neighbors. He even demonstrated this himself when he kept a great relationship with the Indians. Many people joined our colony and soon there were tiny communities within our diverse colony that each spoke different languages and each practiced different religions. I guess you could say we were free to do what we wanted. William Penn was pleased with the way the colony turned out, all except his vision was a little different because he figured we would live as one community instead of a lot of little communities. He also wasn’t very pleased when The Pennsylvania Assembly passed laws recognizing slavery in 1770.

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Research from: Of The People

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