The Princess Cheetah

A fairy tale By: Talor chapman

The Cheetah Princess

Once upon a time in a far away place,there lived a young cheetah that lived with her mother. Her and her mother were very poor, but the love for each other was unconditionally worth more than money could buy. About 2 weeks after the young cheetah was born her mother had to give her up her for adoption. It was hard the young mother to give up her little girl but she know it's for her own safety. A month from being in foster care a extrodanary thing happen to her, the cheetah cub adopted to a family. From living there for months all she wanted was to be with her mother. The two brothers were prairie dogs and there were always manipulative to the cheetah cub. The father was an bear, and he never her do any thing. She was always left with doing the choirs. Weeks past with her doing choirs. When she was cleaning the Attic she found a box that had her name on it. She opened it up and there lied a book, she grabbed the book and a strange wind blow and opened the book to a page the lied a wish for her to wish. When the young cheetah went to bed, the was a strange nock at the door, who would be here in the middle of the night? The step father opened the door and the was the cheetah's mother and two raccoons( the raccoons are layers). The young cheetah and her mother were back together and still vary poor