The Vast World of Twitter Chats

You've joined the the Twitter movement!

Whether you have been on Twitter for a few years, or you just created your handle and are trying to come up with a profile picture, joining Twitter is one of the best decisions you have made to further your learning as an educator. But what do you do now? How do you access all of the resources you hear others talking about? Who do you follow? What do you read? What things do you tweet about? How can you get your students involved? Twitter chats have an unlimited potential to connect experts, teachers, administrators and yes, even students to further collaboration outside of school walls. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your own personal growth, professional development and extended student learning.

Looking for more ways to include Twitter in your classroom?

Check out THIS incredible infographic that includes dozens of ideas. And don't forget to read how this teacher uses Twitter as well!
Check out this Step-by-Step Guide to Twitter Chats!

Read over it before your first one, send it home to parents, or use it with your students in class...it's easy to follow!

But what about Twitter Chats for Students?

Twitter chats have INCREDIBLE potential. But they don't have to stop with your professional development. Students can benefit from participating as well.

Why should you encourage Twitter Chats with your students?

  • They will apply their learning from your class.
  • They can review important concepts for upcoming assessments.
  • You can use them as your "office hours" to answer questions on projects/grades.
  • A Twitter Chat could take place on a Snow Day as a type of eLearning.
  • Your students could become not only participants but moderators, creating student leaders.

How can you make Twitter Chats a reality for your students?

  • Set the chat time to take place later in the evening after school & extra curricular activities.
  • If your school allows Twitter, do a Twitter Chat during class time, or even as sub plans.
  • For extra moderation, have students submit paper tweets to your questions first. After your OK, you or a student can add them to your class account.
  • If your class moderates a chat, create a Question Competition to come up with questions for upcoming chats. Have the class vote on the best questions and reward those students.

Remember, Twitter chats for students are still fairly new. Join in on one you find, or create one of your own. You might be surprised what comes out of it!

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What do YOU need to do?

To create a Student-focused Twitter Chat make sure to:

  1. Create a hashtag that fits your topic.
  2. Come up with a date & time for the chat.
  3. Decide who will moderate your chat.
  4. Come up with questions to ask (between 6-10).
  5. Publicize your chat to your audience! Use Twitter, school announcements, posters, whatever it takes.
  6. If it's new to your students, hold 1-2 help sessions and go through their role step-by-step (use my guide above!)
  7. Be present during the chat...reply to students, follow new people and follow up with their thoughts afterward.

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