Dwarf planets

miah abbie raymond

Description of the dwarf planets :

A dwarf planet is a celestial body that orbits the sun but is not considered a planet. Dwarf planets are in the outer solar system in or near the kuipers belt. They are too small to be a planet, dwarf planets can be any shape. Dwarf planets also have their own orbital path. The six dwarf planets in our solar system are Haumea,Makemake,Luna,Ceres,Pluto,Eris.
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Makemake is bigger than asteroids and comets. The dwarf planet ceres is with other asteroids.


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fun facts

1. Haumea has 2 knows moons

2. Makemake has 0 known moons

3. Pluto has 5 known moons

4. Eris has 1 known moon

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