Coniferous Forest (Taiga)

Mary Taylor Willett, Leah Chosa, Zach Ramey, Ethan Rose

Animals in the Coniferous Forest

Grey wolves

Glack bears

Grizzly bears



Facts about the Coniferous Forest

In the taiga biome fires are very common and are necessary to help rid the area of old and sick trees.

There is not much variety in plants.

Most trees In the taiga are evergreen.

Minks can survive in the taiga

Softwood timber comes from the taiga biome.

Statistics of the Coniferous Forest

Coniferous Forests are found in North America

The Coniferous Forests have very long and cold winters and short warm summers

Average precipitation per year is 15 to 20 inches

Plants in the Coniferous Forest

Needle leaf


Fir trees

Deciduous trees and shrubs