Bilaal Rajan

By: Lourdes Gomez, Per 3

Early Life

Bilaal Rajan was born in Toronto Canada on September 7, 1996. His parents are Mrs. Rajan and Aman Rajan. His hobbies are tennis and skiing. He enjoys astronomy, skydiving, and scuba diving. When he grows up he want to be a surgeon and work with medical experts to help with the healthcare and develop new medicine to help the world.


"A group of people can make a difference, but the strength of the numbers is not only in the actual number of individuals but in the organization and direction that drives them. If everybody is pulling to a different side then there will be hardly any movement, but if they share the same direction they can conquer any mountain together. So don’t be afraid to have a vision and share it with your group, this is the key to building strength in any community or organization."


Bilaal Rajan - His Story


Bilaal Rajan is an environmental activist, a motivational speaker, published author, tireless fundraisers, and UNICEF Canada Ambassador. He founded an organization for the awareness of youth issues and helps kids all over the world.The work he has done has started since the age of four, selling oranges to raise funds for Gujarati, India after they had encountered an earthquake. He then sold acrylic plates and cookies to help orphans who have AIDS or HIV and to help the people in Haiti recover from the Hurricane. He traveled to several places to help with funds all over the world. Like in El Coyote he helped install solar powered led lights for the people. He has also created several challenges like the Barefoot challenge for the awareness of children poverty, and the Haiti Challenge. He became UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) to help with all these funds. He enjoys going to schools to speak with the young so he can raise awareness and inspire people to get involved with the world. He wrote a book called "Making Change" that talks about all his experiences. He also became an environmentalist after going on a trip that talked about greenhouse gases and climate change, this made him want to improve this. His goals is to have one million young people take action in their community and help protect the environment. He wants everyone to be aware of the things around them as well as being able to contribute some help to those in need. The change he has made has helped a lot of people especially the kids. He improved peoples life by raising money for them and helping other people become more aware of the things around them. He has tried to improve this environment as well as the peoples health. He is very dedicated and hard working to be the change in peoples life by giving them the necessary thing they need. He is not defying anything but trying to make a change in the world. He has received several awards his most recent ones were given to him in 2010 and they are: Changing Our World/Sims Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy and Child Welfare League of America Kids to Kids National Service Award. In total he has received eleven awards.


Definition of a Hero: a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

I would consider Bilaal Jajan to be a hero because he has achieved so many things in his life. He has helped out many people with the funds he raises for them. His actions could be considered Nobel. The people he helps out and organizations admire him for his hard work and the change he has made in the world for several people. He is a hero to those he has helped have a better life.

TEDxToronto - Bilaal Rajan - Redefining Philanthropy


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